Thursday, December 6, 2007

Slow Day In My World

Today has been a quiet day in our little corner of the world. The birds are competing with the squirrel with feathers on his legs for food. (The squirrel doesn't really have feathers. I say that because he won't eat his own food in the yard next door. He comes to my bird feeders.) I enjoyed watching the birds for awhile today. My favorite is a Downy Woodpecker. He can eat upside down, right side up, or any position in between.

Today Harry did a bit of shopping for the guy's fishing trip this weekend. I hope they have lots of fun and catch big fish. I understand Red Snapper is biting but they are out of season and have to be thrown back. No telling what they'll bring home. If they intend to have a fish fry, I want to cook it on the outside stove.

As everyone can guess, based on my writing, there's not much happening in my neck-o-th-woods. This has been my "be a bum" day. Tomorrow the tempo has to pick up. I've let things slide long enough.

Think happy thoughts and sing happy songs. Later, friends.


Cheryl said...

It was a busy day off in my world. I did a lot of cooking! Now I wish I had another day to just take it easy. Right! Like I know how to relax.

Josie Two Shoes said...

I am thinking happy thoughts tonight for sure, and praying mightily for a Christmas season miracle - both my kids home! I love bird watching, and I actually enjoy squirrels too. My Grandma used to have one so tame in her yard that it would come up to the door and take the peanuts that she offered! :-)

Ricky said...

How is everyone doing out there in blog land? Got a little more clean up to do left over from our last rain storm we had here in San Diego while I was away visiting the south. We are bracing for the next one and hoping this go around it wont dump 3 inches all at once. While there my lovly bride called to inform me she thought the house was going to flood.My thought at that vary moment was ,where was all this water the last time our house caught on fire water. Any way I believe we have it covered this go around with drain pipe extentions at the down spouts and mulch cover over all the exspoused soil areas. At this point of my life I would not have it any other way. Besides where else can one live and experience the earth shaking one day,followed by fires,floods and mud slides? And on top of that, where else in this country can you observe a free musical production in your rear view car mirror while driving on Sunset Blvd in LA. No kidding, Yesterday I was headed west bound on Sunset toward Beverly Hills and the guy in back of me was belting out show tunes. With both of our car windows down working on our tan maintenence this went on for probably nine blocks until he peeled off left.For those of you kids that are interested the surf report is epic, H2o temp @ 62 degrees with waves bigger than most peoples houses. Most all construction sites up and down the coast will have skimpy crews do to the great surf condidtions. Got to hit the road in the early am. Good night to all.........Ricky

ricky said...

PS Josie if you want to see some real unique squirrels they are all over the place out here......yikes

AlabamaGal said...

I love watching birds and squirrels. I love animals in general. Most every kind except... snakes. :)

I am off to sleep soon.
Have a fun day today and look forward to some gal time when the guys go fishing. :)


simonsays said...

Your kind of day sounds wonderful!

I always wanted a bird feeder, someday I will get one, when I have the time to actually watch it. :) Will that day ever arrive?

Here's to a busier, but still wonderful day for you!

AlabamaGal said...

I just got your email and I am thankful you mentioned me getting it because my spam program had snatched it and I just got a notification today of it being there in the spam. It shouldn't happen again though because I approved you.

Yes, I think that little crayfish does like to rearrange the furniture. :)

I will email you back now but give you a promise for a longer email soon!