Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Facing Reality

It's a beautiful day here. Lots of sunshine, temps are just right, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and the squirrel with feathers on his legs is in the birdfeeder again. Yep, I do believe that, this time, spring is here to stay.

Sarah saw her doctor yesterday and was put on bed rest. She will be re-checked again Friday. On Tuesday she will have another scan and doctor will make decisions then. I'm so thankful that her parents are here. If they were on the road driving and worrying about Sarah I would be worried sick. I guess bottom line is that Sarah stays in bed and the rest of us pray that this all goes smoothly. I really believe it will - you all know that I over react.

This week something that my father said on more than one occasion comes to mind. "It's not what you use to do that counts; it's what you can do now." I'm having to come to grips with the fact that I just can't do some of the things I did as recently as last year. (Neither can Harry but he's not ready to admit it.) It's depressing! I'll manage to get through this season and then Harry and I may need to begin to think about downsizing. We do not need a four bedroom house and rather large yard to maintain. A small patio home would be much more appropriate. While neither of us is ready for the bone yard, I believe we deserve to do the things we want to do (playdays, paint, needlework, golf (on good days), read, and light travel) and not be burdened with so many "have-to's".

Now that I've said that - tomorrow I may disavow ever thinking such a thing. But you'll know differently. I'm a tough old gal but even tough old gals get tired. Don't feel sad or sorry for me - it's progression. Progression is good.


Brad said...

Hopefully you have a few more years before you have to think about down sizing. When I think of packing the house and moving again it makes me shudder. Ugh!

Josie Two Shoes said...

I can so relate to this post. Fifteen years ago I wanted more, and was ready to take on anything to get it. Now I enjoy having less, less work, less responsibility, and less space to maintain. I want to spend my free time doing fun things too, not having a constant list of chores. At times I am frustrated by my physical limitations, and John by his, but we also realize that this can be the best time of our lives, and we intend to make it so. I know that the two of you are doing the same. Stuff is just stuff, it's the people we have in our lives that are important!

Smocha said...

Condo baby!

I can't imagine if I had a yard to keep up. *shudder*

We actually love our condo...just wish we had one more bedroom . We have to have our office crammed into the guest room. bleah!

Ditto what Josie said:)

SOUL: said...

i hear ya there-- if it was just me and hubby-- and not a teenager and FOUR animals-- you could bet your butt we wouldn't have a big ole house and yard to maintain.. no way.
it kills me.
even if i ever get the gumption to get rid of the stuff i don't want or need anymore -- it will still be too much for me.
and yep-- even some things are becoming too much for the hubby these days.. with work, and other things he has to do-- it's the yard and other maintenance that gets set back and suffers for later. ya know.

i guess that just happens to all of us sooner or later.

bad as it may seem.. downsizing happens to all of us soooner or later. i have realized for the passed several years-- the older-- and sorer, i get-- the LESS crap-- and work-- i want.

it isn't just you ..

hope your day is a good one-

happyone said...

My husband and I already live in a small old house and love it. I have a big enough yard for me to play around in since I really enjoy working in my flower gardens and doing yard work.
I've never lived in a big house so never had to downsize. :-)

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Younger women bemoan not knowing who they are - but I always say we are continually reinventing ourselves in all the different stages of life!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I certainly can relate to not being able to do certain things as I used to---And that's okay, sometimes, but with certain things it's just lousy! (lol)...But what are going to do? Just adjust as best you can and live with it!