Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tag! I'm It!

I was cruising blogs this morning when I found that C.A. tagged me to list seven random facts about myself. I'm going to list facts that I don't believe my readers know about me. Get ready - here's:

Seven Random Facts About Me
1. I tend to weigh pros and cons and labor over decisions.
2. One thing I miss from my youth is my horses.
3. I have a collection of unicorns.
4. I tend to "think outside the box."
5. A contemporary water-side home would be my perfect setting.
6. I don't want to gamble but I like to listen and watch the 'action' at a casino.
7. I love music and dance.

I'm not tagging anyone but if you'd like to participate please do. (Let me know if you do. I'm a nosey old biddy, but you already know that.)


Brad said...

I really miss riding too. What I don't miss is being horse-poor. Oh yeah, and mucking out stalls.

Have a great day!

bonnie said...

I love reading little random things about people. I'm glad I stopped here today. What I miss from my youth was riding the merry-go-round horses that came through our neighborhood on some kind of truck.