Monday, April 21, 2008

Not Many Words

Yesterday our gathering was small. As you probably know, Sarah is limited to movement so her day was spent at home being quiet. Tomorrow is her big day with the doctor. Another scan and exam should positively determine "the next step." Joe's leg is much, much better. His doctor appointment for follow-up is today. Another reason to be alert for phone calls this evening.

I don't have many words today so decided to share pictures of some of the flowers blooming in our yard. The first is my 'Miss Kim' lilac. This variety is reputed to be more heat resistant and therefore compatible with the summers here.

This is one of three bridal wreath shrubs. It's at the end of our storage bldg. The parent plant came from my mother's old family home.
One of the small azaleas that I planted last fall to replace a shrub that didn't survive our "Big Freeze of 2007"
Iris with another azalea in the background. I really like the color of this iris variety but I don't know the name. Again this came from the old family home.

Will write more when I can find words. Harry is going to read to me while I crochet. We have three shipments of coral to get out on FedEx this evening for overnight delivery. One hour free - starting now. Later my friends.


Cheryl said...

Isn't springtime the best? Your flowers are just beautiful and I'm sure give you lots of pleasure.

happyone said...

All of your flowers are beautiful!! I especially like the lilac - one of my favorites. I have some in my yard but they aren't blooming yet though there are some blooming around here. I love the smell!!!

Summer said...

In your yard are the same flowers that were planted in the yard at the house I grew up in. I miss home.

My favorite flower on earth is the lilac. I don't have a bush, my yard is so small. But maybe one day.