Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Danger - Grasshopper Mind at Work

It's been a while since I wrote. I've worked in the garden borders every day. Not long at a time, mind you, but long enough to use me up for each day. I'm so close to the end that I can see it from here. Whew - what a job for an old woman.

Yesterday Harry caught me moving rock with the wheelbarrow. He explained to me, in no uncertain terms, that HE would move rocks. I really wasn't overdoing and the rocks were small but he put the wheelbarrow away. I'll have him finish that job in a day or two. I bought most of the final plants today. Everything I buy is permanent. If I can carry this through, future maintenance on the borders will be very easy.

Soul, Joe is fishing - for the most part - in the creek that runs behind Keith's house. (The creek empties into the Tennessee River about three miles south.) He catches some pretty big bass and (he says) giant blue gill. (Blue Gill aren't his target.) The bass are beginning to bite again. For a while they were "on bed" and wouldn't show interest. Jesse has reserved the right to teach me to fish after school is out. That will be something to see!!! I'll be a good sport and try to learn.

It's cool and windy here today. I'm not working outside because the wind makes it feel cold. We were spared damage from the terrible storms that did so much damage in LA, MS, and AL. One never knows, though, when a tornado could hit here. We're in tornado country.

The lilac just outside the window in front of my computer is in bloom. I love the fragrance of lilacs. Isn't that an old woman thing? Someone told me that it is. I enjoy lavender, too, and have it in my garden.

My grasshopper mind is jumping around. Sorry about that. More later. Meantime, take care and visit me again. Thanks for stopping by.


SOUL said...

it takes a lot to get a beddin bass to bite-- but boy it's fun, and they're usually some big ole fish too. worth workin for tho :))

i like the term grasshopper mind -- so like mine :)) i can relate to that ya know.
in fact-- i been tryin to talk myself into a nap for the last two very long and slow hours.
i'm lazy and i can't get up

good to see ya writin LBF

Happyone :-) said...

I love lilacs too and have all my life. My grandmother had them all along one side of her house and she would open the windows and the house would smell so pretty.
Lilacs always remind me of her. :-)

Tee said...

I feel your pain. I've worked in the yard most of the day. I bought some of that rubber mulch hoping it will last for a while. AND I'm replanting my herbs from pots on the patio to a permanent place that required digging up grass. I'm all used up as well. It's tough getting old. :-)