Friday, April 16, 2010

Week-End Plans

I can't be sure but I believe my blog header is in malfunction mode. It seems to go from the unbalanced pic (which I've never fixed) to all black. Oh well, if nothing worse than this happens it'll be a good life. I'll check on this little issue another time.

We have a new - central heat/air conditioning system. Expensive but necessary. So far we really are happy with both the unit and the company we bought from. Because of the reef tanks, we tended to have high humidity in the house. This problem had been resolved by a free standing humidifier. We've moved up a notch. There is a dehumidifying system incorporated into the new unit. We're ready for the upcoming hot, humid weather. . . I hope!

Tomorrow we are going to a reef club meeting. James and Jesse are going with us. It will be a new experience for the boys. After the meeting we'll eat out at a "big restaurant." (As the boys call anything other than fast food places.)

The meeting is being held at a place called "Wetlands' Edge" which is a complement to the public education system in the county adjoining ours. Wetlands' has been gracious in allowing our club to meet in their big building (which is a hands-on class room) featuring both fresh and salt water and swamp inhabitants. There are several "hands-on" displays for kids and aquariums with many, many unusual creatures. They also have a large nature trail but I don't think we'll go out there. High school students from area schools conduct various research projects here - some are pretty complex. It's an interesting place and an honor to be allowed to hold the meeting there.

We have a HUGE green brittle star fish named Forrest Gump. Forrest has grown much too large for our reef tank. We intend to take him to contribute to the Wetlands' large indoor salt water pool. Other reef club members are encouraged to take contributions from their systems to the facility.

I'll try to take pics to post if they allow picture taking in the building. I don't know why it wouldn't be allowed, but you never know.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your company. Until later, take care.


Jamie said...

Your weekend sounds like it will be a good one..I want to see pics of the starfish. Have fun at the big restaurant. Hugs, friend. :)

Happyone :-) said...

Hope you had a good time yesterday.
I'd like to see the starfish too.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Sunday with the family too? Happy day!

SOUL said...

well, they beat me to it-- i want to see the star fish teeewwww-- is it too late?
nice of you to donate him tho.
weird to think of a starfish gettin too big for one of your tanks-- in my mind that is pretty big. forrest gump. that's too cool.

and the boys-- i bet they had a blast huh? what an experience for them... i imagine they enjoy your tanks?

anyhow--- enjoy the rest of your weekend LBF
hugz to you