Sunday, April 18, 2010

First things first. This is Mr. Gump in the container ready to depart for his new home. He is a serpent star. They have long legs and a round body. Not like the starfish shells you see in souvenir shops. I was late getting a pic so this is the best I could do. I did measure one of his legs a couple of weeks ago - 21 inches. He couldn't really stretch all the way out because with five legs his diameter would have been (21"+21"+3" (his body)) 45". That's a rough measure but, in any case, he was just too large for our tanks. He will have a far better life at Wetlands Edge. We appreciate them for accepting him.

I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with this facility. I only wish that every school system could support a class room like this. Instructor Marc Slate teaches classes from K-12 with subject matter designed to the level of each class. Various research projects are also conducted here by local college students and, I'm sure, others. In addition to the classrooms and labs (where we held our meeting) there are diverse ecosystems included in this environmental facility. The web site is: if you'd like to visit it.

I'm posting a video of just a few pictures we made at the center. Marc's lecture was really interesting and the children were still and listening. That speaks volumes to me! I don't know when I've ever listened to someone who could keep the attention of adults AND young children.


Smocha said...

What a fun field trip ! I don't think I'd want to actually touch any of those critters :)

Happyone :-) said...

How cool. Thanks for posting the picture.

SOUL said...

what a day for you , and the kids!
you are so blessed with the relationship you have with those kids--i know you know that -- but i couldn't help but notice -- again.

looks like an awesome and interesting day

and that dern starfish looks like an octopus-- i bet he is very happy with his new and larger home.

happy hugz to you-- hope you feel good today LBF

Tee said...

Oh, I'm so glad Forrest has found a new home with lots of room to stretch out like he needs to do.