Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kitty is Waiting for FedEx

It's official - Our central unit died. It didn't just die a little bit. It died all the way! A new one will be installed this Friday. It was a shock to the ole check book but what-cha-gonna-do? All is well that ends well.

Our cat absolutely loves cardboard. She won't sleep in a kitty bed but just give her a plain old box and she's in business. Here she is just outside the sunroom door waiting for the FedEx pickup.

As you can tell. there's nothing exciting happening here.


Happyone :-) said...

Too bad about your AC but at least you found out about it now before the middle of the summer. It feels like summer here now!!
Cute picture of your cat in a box!
Years ago when I had a couple of cats they loved getting in paper bags!

Jamie said...

LOLOL....My Meisha does the same thing with any box. She doesn't realize that she doesn't always fit, she just makes it work.

Too bad about the AC, yes the checkbook probably is in shock. But like Happy said, at least it's early in the season, and you aren't dying of heat stroke yet.

Take care, good friend. Hugs. :)

Tee said...

If the ole AC was going to bite the dust better now than July. At least the HVAC people are real busy and can get to you rather quickly. My theory is, you can get warm by adding clothes, but you can only take off so much and you are still HOT!

Love the photo of your kitty. I still my mine sooooo much. It's still very painful. All my cats have loved boxes. Sweet Pea, Oscar's sister, would cram her fat self into boxes that were obviously way too small. I did have one cat, Buster (AKA: Bubba) that loved paper bags.

Tee said...

That should have read, least the HAVC people are NOT real busy...