Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beautiful Day in Hometown, USA

It's a beautiful day here in Hometown, USA. Fall and cooler weather is knocking at the door. Hopefully it will bring much needed rain. Routine rules for the most part. There's lots to be thankful for. Hubby is home with a promise that within two weeks he'll be fit-as-a-fiddle.

We are expecting a new grandbaby in the early spring of 2008. Our youngest son and his wife made the announcement last Sunday by giving us a Grandparent's day card that read, "Get ready to love, to laugh, to play . . A new little one is on the way!!" Having the fourth little one is just as exciting as having the first. As an only child of older parents I used to dream about having a large family. My friends had sibblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents that gathered for special occasions. It made me lonely to watch them. Finally, late in life I have a real family. We gather almost every Sunday afternoon. I prepare a meal and we enjoy being a family.


Summer said...

Hey Mary...thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck with your new beginning!

SOUL: said...

that all sounds so great. congratulations to the family with the new addition... God Bless!