Monday, September 24, 2007


I filled the bird feeders and the very first visitor was the squirrel who thinks he has feathers on his legs. The brat! He'll leave his dinner table to invade someone else's. Hubby says I've created a flock of welfare birds because I've fed them so long that a generation has forgotten how to forage. Maybe yes, maybe no, but I'll keep feeding them.

I still haven't started my part of the yard work in prep for fall/winter. Our one day of fall has reverted to summer and I hate trying to weed, trim shrubs, deadhead flowers, or whatever when it's HOT. Hubby is mowing the lawn and probably thinks I should be doing something productive. Maybe I will. I need to do some light shopping and unfortunately I read the sale blurbs in yesterdays local paper. Hmmmmmmmmm, now let me see . . . One more cup-o-coffee while I make a list. Don't want to leave anything out.

To me shopping is no longer for the latest clothes/shoes/accessories. The day I retired I came home, took off my suit, hose, heels, and all the trappings associated with my work. I have no intention of ever wearing a business suit again. When it's over it's over.

My shopping is for the grandkids, my neglected house and yard. Our home is a 35+ year old ranch. (Something always needs repair.) It's the house I came to when I left the mountains. That was over 25 years ago. My boys grew up here. It's their home. Several years ago (when I became "single again") I decided to build a house in a different part of town. It was a big house for one person (the boys were on their own). Why I ever built that house is still a mystery. It was a two story job with a room for everything. The back yard bordered a wildlife preserve. While I lived there I watched deer, coyote, raccoons, and various other wildlife. Two notable events were the bobcat that had kits under my deck and the wild hog I tried to chase with my broom because he was eating my sage. All-in-all it was a lovely house but it never became my home. I missed the old neighborhood so to make a long story short I sold the "big house" bought the old home and moved back.

In July 2000, I gave up my single again status and became a wife again. It's one of the luckiest things that's ever happened to me other than my sons. Hubby and I talked about buying/building a different home for ourselves but it was just too much trouble. Our retirement home is here.

Cup-o-coffee is gone, list won't be necessary, gotta get a move on 'cause time's a-wastin'. Hope everyone is well and happy. Later, friends.


SOUL: said...

did you forget anything? i MUST have a list. my memory is shot.
in fact..i keep forgetting to shop lately. :=+

Mary said...

Soul: Nope, I didn't forget anything. I only needed three items from the grocery and the Space Saver Storage Bags that Bed Bath and Beyond had on sale. I took the sale blurb with me to be sure I was getting the exact sale item. Not much to remember. I don't forget to shop - I hate to shop so put it off when I can.

SOUL: said...

another shopper hater.
there's a few of us out there.
c ya