Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Come - Sunday Go

My menu today was a large green garden salad with several different dressings available, baked garlic chicken, scalloped corn, and cookies/ice cream to close the meal. I took a baked chicken, mac n cheese, and turnip greens to the middle son and his family. I didn't want them to have to think about cooking today. Both my son and his wife are fighting off a bug. I hope they're successful. My son works full time, goes to college full time, and still finds time to spend with his sons. His wife takes full charge of the house, shopping, care of the two boys, and errands. They are both really, really tired. I try to help them as much as I can. The children are with me at least one day a week. I enjoy every minute of my time with them.

The other two sons were here along with my other daughter-in-law, Sarah. Sarah is just making the "I'm pregnant" announcements. Yeah, I'll have another baby to rock and love. Happy, happy me. I told you a little about Mary, the other daughter-in-law in an earlier post now it's Sarah's turn.

Sarah is from Wisconsin and is a wonderful young lady. I've never seen anyone sweeter and more gentle than she. We have a good relationship and enjoy talking and comparing notes on any number of things. She's from Wisconsin so it's sometimes hard for her to manage being in the Alabama heat and humidity but she never complains. Her parents have visited several times. Last Christmas we all spent both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together. They fit right in with the rest of our "bunch" and everyone had a good time. How much more could anyone ask for?

The day is winding down and I have lots of dishes in the sink. I nixed Sarah's helping with the kitchen - she looked a little green around the gills. When NASCAR decides to either race or quit promising hubby will help me. He's a good put-dishes-in-the-dishwasher-slave but he ain't worth a darn at clean-up. Not complaining, that's my job. Folks, I really love that man.

When things settle and the house is quiet, I'll read about everyone else's day. I'm looking forward to that. Take care and be naughty if you have the chance.


Ricky said...

Mary Ruth: Love your blog and am still waiting to hear from cuz Marie regarding her email address. Cant wait for Aunt Beaty to discover your site. Next to me I am sure she will become one of your biggest fans.Let cuz Kieth know that I hope he and Mary get well soon. With admiration,Ricky P.S. Your blog friend C.A. Sure reminds me of Doris Day what a cutie.........

Cheryl said...

You are the best kind of mother/mother-in-law. I'm sure your kids appreciate all that you do for them. I'd love to have a place to come to on Sundays to be with family. That's what it's all about. I just came from spending the day with my mother. She was handicapped by the stroke she had 7 years ago, and really looks forward to the time we spend with her. Our favorite thing to do together is eat!

Mary said...

Cheryl, I'm the lucky one! My Sunday table is never full. You can always find a place there. My only rule is: "Make yourself at home and help yourself to more."

SOUL: said...

funny how you always talk about food. you may know by now..i am always hungry and i love to eat...and talk about FOOD.