Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Coffee and Memories that Make Me Smile

I woke up early this morning...well,early for me...made coffee and sat on the screen porch to survey our kingdom. (Our kingdom is a little patch of lawn, shrubs and borders that need attention, and lots of birds and squirrels.)

I read a post by a fellow blogger about a couple of funny situations she's had. It make me think of some of the situations I've been in that were really funny after a "cooling off" period. Here is one.

My sons were almost 3 and around 18 months. A little girl (almost 4) lived next door. She liked to come to our house to watch my big fresh water aquarium with the boys. The tank was around 75 gallons with lots of fish and those kids knew each one. They named most of them. Their favorite was Blue Boy. Blue Boy was a blue beta with scarlet veins in his fins. Well, one morning Blue Boy was belly-up (dead). The boys were crying and begging me to make Blue Boy swim again. Finally they decided that we could bury him in the flower bed next to the patio. I found a little white box and we laid Blue Boy to rest on cotton balls, put the lid on, and went outside to finish the job. The little girl saw us digging and came to see what was happening. When she heard she clicked right into her characterature of a dictator and informed us that Blue Boy couldn't be buried in dirt. Silly us we should know that Blue Boy could only be happy if he was buried in water. The dictator informed us that the only acceptable way was to flush him. (Stupid me. Why didn't I think of that.) We all moved to the bathroom, put Blue Boy in the potty, and I started to flush. Dictator informed us that we had to sing a "church" song before we flushed Blue Boy away. After much discussion between the three year old and Dictator we decided that "Rock of Ages" was appropriate. So here we are...a mother, her two sons, and the 4 year old dictator from next door on our knees, staring into the potty, and singing Rock of Ages. Meantime our new pastor came to the door, heard the singing, and came in to join whatever service was in process. Can you imagine how embarrassing that scene was for me? The pastor was a real pro. He didn't laugh. He opened his prayer book and ever so solemnly read/quoted the 23rd psalm, reached over and flushed Blue Boy away. To this day I look at a blue beta in a fish store and I want to laugh. Silly story, right?

Quiet time is over. I gotta get moving. Several things need to be accomplished today. Maybe I'll get one or two done. Hope everyone is well, happy, and rearin' to go.

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SOUL: said...

that's so cute!
you must be an amazing MOM!
rearin to go eh??
well...i was... and then, well.. i kinda went fishin. (speaking of fish :) )
it was all over after that.
i just woke up[ from a nap, and my head is splitting.
oh well.
got any coffee?