Thursday, September 27, 2007


Today was new hairdo day. I didn't have a big change just a little update. This 'do' is shorter and will be much easier to keep neat. I know everyone was waiting with great expectations to hear all about this event. . .NOT.

Hubby and his friend played two rounds of golf today. He hasn't played in a couple of weeks and I guess the trip to the driving range wasn't enough to keep him in shape to win. He is tired but the day was a success for him.

I'm starting to plan for all the October birthdays. There are four to keep me busy. Cakes and menus to plan, gifts to buy, and secrets to keep. My birthday is in October too but I just let it slide and no one notices. Halloween is another planning session. Then comes Christmas. I need hellllllp! Everyone just assumes that I'll take care of the festivities and I try not to let them down. Wonder what will happen come New Year?

Folks, I'm really tired tonight. Can't seem to get my thoughts to flow so I think it best if I just say, "Have a great evening, a peaceful nights sleep, and a bright new day. Maybe I'll be more focused tomorrow."


Summer said...

They are lucky to have you in their lives. If I miss it... Happy Early Birthday!

amelia said...

I found my way here from Andrews blog.

I love to read about your life. I don't have a blog but I just love to read them!!

Mary said...

Summer, I'm the lucky one. The family puts up with me. Thanks for the early birthday wish. Most of all thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

Mary said...

Amelia, Thanks for reading and commenting. You should start your own blog. I was a reader for almost two months before I got the nerve to do one myself. Now I can't think of a better way to express myself. Go for it, girl. I read Andrew's blog everyday, as a matter of fact his was the first I began to read. He is a wonderful person and I'd love to sit and have him accept me in a long conversation. Thanks again and let me know when you begin a blog.

SOUL: said...

that's just too much for me to think about right now.
i do hope you fare well. :)