Friday, February 8, 2008

Allergic Reaction

Not a lot of sleep last night. No reason - just couldn't sleep. Feel fine.

The grandsons came to play with Nana while Mommy ran some errands. Within 10 minutes of her leaving, I noticed the oldest was scratching his ankles and tummy. As Nanas are prone to do, I "downed him" and inspected. He had a rash that was unreal - big blotches that were red. He didn't tell Mommy because he was afraid he wouldn't get to come to Nana and Papa's house. Long story made short. Mommy came back and called the pediatrician who decided it's an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he's taking for the ear infection. More visits to the doctor, more medication, and a change of antibiotic. Our first experience with ear infections has not been easy. Raising children is really hard.

NASCAR is happening on at least two televisions. Harry doesn't want to miss one minute of action or one word of an interview. I'm so glad that he can do/watch something that he enjoys so much. All I know so far is that Toney Stewart has long hair this season! I can just see how that's going to look when he has one of his spastic fits of yelling and throwing his helmet and gloves. That alone should make this a watch able season. Don't ya just love a good fit when you don't have to actually be there? Am I a sicko?

I decided to post early today and be ready to help Mommy and Daddy with this allergic situation if they need me. I'm really good at rocking, rubbing, and singing silly songs. If you don't believe it just ask my grandsons.


Cheryl said...

You're the best, Mary. I mean that with all my heart!

Summer said...

I hope he's doing better today. What's on the menu for tomorrow?

Mary said...

Summer: Tomorrow's menu - hmmmmm - I'll have to get back to you on that one. Didn't do my usual planning yesterday.

Cheryl: Thank you for the compliment. You are so kind.

SOUL: said...

that poor baby--- peanut butter M-N-M's i'm tellin ya-- the cure ALL
i'm gonna get ME some ... i'm cravin them bad boys.

you really oughtta go talk nascar with jamie-- she hasn't even mentioned it yet-- and she really loves that---- :))
wonder if she forgot about it in all the commotion?

hmmm... that would not be good.

vroom vroom

happyone said...

We went to Delaware once to watch a race and boy was it LOUD. We ended up buying ear plugs. :-)
Hope your grandson is better!

SOUL: said...

mornin mary-- i think i beat you around blogland today... bwa haha...

prolly good tho-- you're sleep pattern has been waaay off lately--so i hope that's what you're doin now.

simonsays said...

Yes, Tony looks awful this year, his hair, and man - he has gained weight! I would think that wouldn't work so well in a race car..

Sorry about your grandson, it IS hard to raise kids, and it's ALWAYS something. But they are so lucky to have you, you're the best grandma ever. :)


you are definitely correct when it comes to raising children, how hard it is..but you did a remarkable job, you were involved in their lives, you cared about where they went, what they did, who they did it with, it's no wonder you're a good Nana!
I WOULD trust YOU with my children in a heart beat. But I would urge you to keep the nana snacks away until the last minute! :)
Have a great evening!

I hope the little one is feeling less itchy..those times are all so very fresh in my mind, I feel for the little want to take it all away and make it better, I know!