Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh Me, Oh My

Good Mornin'

I finally woke up. Soul is correct; my sleep pattern is really messed up. I'm absolutely at the end of the blog line this morning. Bad thing is that I'm still sleepy and it's 9:15 AM! I'll shake it off and be fine, though.

Harry and I watched Speed Week most of the day yesterday. Jamie, did you see the exchange between Tony and Kurt during practice? I didn't see it but according to reports they are still acting like spoiled 4-year-old brats. Yes, Tony really looks bad. Do you think that maybe his party time is getting out of control?

I don't have a menu ready for today and I didn't straighten the television area. Now I'm in a bind and have to get moving----errrrrr-----make that running. I'll be fine and back on track when I get this first cup of coffee into play.

I'll catch up later today.


Cheryl said...

I'm sure you got it together today. Waiting to hear!


Hope you've had a good sunday!
Catch up with you sooN!