Friday, February 1, 2008

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Last evening and night we had lots of rain and strong wind. No damage at our house or at any of the kid's houses. Seems the temps get to just above freezing when "falling weather" is in our neck-o-the-woods so we miss out on snow. That's an OK thing so far as I'm concerned.

The boys and I watched Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the old version with Gene Wilder). The youngest just watches intently but the 5 year old asked questions almost constantly. I was afraid they would be frightened of the newer version. In the version we watched Charlie and Grandpa drank the drink that made them rise up in the air. Remember how they had to burp to get down? Well, guess what.................................... Yep, both little darlings are now trying to burp.

I haven't menitoned my sister who was in rehab for a while. I want to say, "Thanks to everyone who remembered Beatrice in their prayers and sent good wishes." She is much better and able to be home with her daughter in the Palm Springs area. Ricky (my nephew) tells me she's doing really well. She's ready for the world.

Several of my blogging friends are either sick or going through extremely stressful times. Each and every one of you are in my prayers. Also, several blogging friends are hale, hearty, and ready for the show. To them I say, "Go for it - whatever 'it' is.)

As for me, it's sign off and go sit by hubby time.


Cheryl said...

Sickie here. :(

I'm set to spend the night in a wonderful Inn on Sunday, and I'm going, no matter what. As long as I don't feel worse, I'll be OK. Thanks for thinking about me!

SOUL: said...

well.. tell those boys when they get the burping thing down..i'll have a contest with em.. that is one thing i can still do well :))
gross, i know-- but it is a talent -- one of the few i have left.

hope you have a good day

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Mary, I somehow had missed your glowing review of my book on your blog - but found it. Thank you again. People like you and Crusty keep me going. I think Gene Wilder was the ultimate Willy Wonka- all kids should see that one! Diane

Mary said...

I'm finding that burping can be funny. The boys were still working on theirs this morning. You might be in for some steep competition.

Mary said...

Diane, My review of your book was hard earned. I really hope you consider a sequel. I believe I commented somewhere on Elizabeth's blog (or maybe it was an email) about the possibilities. Each of the characters you established would have a very interesting story: Ed and Marty; Owen; Daniel; and even Jack. And then there is Elise and her journey to fulfillment. Think about this.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Mary, In really appreciate your confidence in a sequel. that book was very personal and my family didn't take to it very well because they kept thinking it was me. However, last summer I began a new novel with characters that came from an unknown place. They started writing themselves and now I have a complete first draft and am in the throes of revision. Thanks again, Diane

happyone said...

I saw both chocolate factory movies and liked the original best - some things you just can't improve.

Glad to hear your sister is back home and doing well. :-)