Monday, February 11, 2008

On Birthday and Trivia

Gee whiz! I read about the unbelievably cold temps some of you have to endure and I've decided that being an Alabama redneck ain't so bad after all. I’d like a good snow but only for a day. Just hang on folks spring will surely be here soon.

Daughter, Judy, sent pictures of our granddaughter’s first birthday. From all indications she had a really big party for a one year old. We wish we could have her close enough to spend some time with us but it doesn’t look like that’s in the cards. They do plan to come sometime between next Thanksgiving or Christmas but that is many, many days away. In the meantime we’re just happy to have pictures. I believe she loved her cake..........................
...........And her gifts.
I’m happy to say that today was a normal day here in the neighborhood. I don’t know what was in the air yesterday but I hope we used up whatever it was and that we don’t get another ration. Man, everything seemed weird or out of sync. Normal is good!!

Did you realize that on this day two years ago our Vice President shot a fellow while on a hunting trip? Guess he was having a weird day, too. We never know what will happen next so keep your ear to the ground.
Enough of my foolish prattle for one evening. I'll save the rest for later.



what an adorable little princess!

Funny, It's been two years since the hunting incident? Seems like just yesterday I saw a spoof on SNL,..oh wait, that's right, it probably was a few saturdays ago, just reruns with the writers strike still going on!

It's snowing again you are right to love it where you're at!!Sincerely,

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!
I just read your last entry and I want some Nana burgers and caramel poundcake with icecream. Yummmmmmm

We had lunch at Armando's sister's house today. We had spaghetti with mushrooms and melted cheese on top. It was delicious. I am stuffed.

I am glad you liked the pictures. I will add more as we do more things.


happyone said...

Oh, she's sooo cute. I wonder if the blue came off easily. My granddaughter had blue icing and we all went around with blue teeth and tongues for a while. :-)

SOUL: said...

ummmmm, yup, i would say she does like her cake-- and presents too--

i think i might mark my calender for weird february day-- for future reference .. that was just a bit too weird. and widespread-- and now to know it's the anniversary of the shooting (snicker) it's even worse. :))

anyways-- hope you have a good night--

oh and ya-- the 333 electric bill-- that's creepy too!!!

Summer said...

What a pretty girl!

Do you ever wonder where our VP is? Where do they keep him?