Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Sunday Story

The day came in with wind, rain, and thunder. It closed with sunshine. As long as no one has storm damage, I'm thankful for every drop of rain that falls. We've been in drought mode for a year. Our water table is still low. Hope none of you had property damage as a result of the weather in your neck-o-th-woods. I know those of you who are getting more snow are ready for - and deserve a break.

Our gathering today was a bit small and quiet. The middle son, the grandboys, and DIL decided they needed a day at home. I certainly agreed - as a matter of fact I suggested it. DIL is still not over her episode and the whole family looked beat. I insisted DIL give me a verbal list of things they needed so none of them would have to leave the house and I'd pick it up. When I was satisfied that they were all tucked in for the day, I came home and settled in.

The other regular 'gathers' were here and we watched the Daytona 500 and had pizza instead of a home cooked meal. That doesn't happen very often, but it seemed the thing to do today.

The race was good and ended with a surprise winner, Ryan Newman in a Dodge. I know next to nothing about the team owners and very little about any of the drivers but I love the sport. Yes, it is loud. Yes, it is sometimes violent. Yes, the sport is considered "redneck" but I don't care. I've been a race fan since I was a young teen attending dirt track races in Cleveland, TN. I heard that Bill Elliot owns that track now and that it's been paved. I think I said before that I don't have a real favorite driver. I'm for the driver who's driving clean and being a gentleman on race day. That's not always the same driver. Tony Stewart is a kind of rogue, but all-in-all a loveable one. I believe part of his bravado is a fence to hide behind. Speaking of fences, I bet he can't climb the fence this season unless he trims down a bit.

Plans are in place for our trip to the coast. Reservations are made, kids have been warned, housesitter engaged, and the old folks just waitin' for the time to leave. I can pack for a trip in 30 minutes with no problem. (Remember, I traveled a lot while I was working.) I'll tell more about our plans next time.


Cheryl said...

I've never watched a NASCAR race. Just saying...

I can't wait for the 'reveal'.

simonsays said...

Oh Mary, when do you leave for your vacation? I know you have been writing about it for a while, and that you are going to the ocean - how long will you be gone? I am ever envious, we could really use a get-away, but the timing is bad right now.

I hope you have a terrific, wonderful, and relaxing time -- you really deserve it. You are such a good mom and you do so much for everyone...a little "you" time is in order.



Fabulous for your trip!! And I'm glad to see that you're okay and the storms and tornado's stayed clear of you!!

You are seriously an awesome nana...I can't get over how attentive you are to the family, and that is a wonderful trait.

So are you going to tell us when you leave? Or wait until you're leaving? I'm excited for you and hope you have some very very nice weather!!


SOUL: said...

i want pix... and a vacation-- but pix will work--
hope you have a blast.
we watched about the last half hour or so-- soulmans choice--not mine :))
redneck or no-- i dont like racing.
anyhow-- hope it's a great day in the neighborhood for you and yours.

happyone said...

I'm catching up on some blogs today. So sorry to hear your sad news - so sad to lose such a dear friend.
Hope the rest of the family is getting better.
It was good of you to step right in and help where needed.
Sounds like a fun Sunday - I enjoy watching car racing.
Have a great Monday.

Tee said...

You know, I've never had an interest in NASCAR, even though my Dad was the mechanic for Red Byron, winner of the First Grant National Race in the late 1940's, and was in the middle of the beginning of NASCAR. Last year my husband bought an IMAX DVD about NASCAR and we both became interested. If only my sweet Dad knew.