Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy Week Looming Up Ahead

Sunday has drawn to a close. Harry and I were so happy to have all the local kids here. Baby Hooper is growing so fast - he's three months old now and an handsome little man. I was a lazy Nana today - I didn't cook. Instead I had lots and lots of sandwich 'fixin's', fruit, pound cake, whipped cream, and of course salad stuff. Sometimes I forget that the younger generation enjoys having sandwiches. I'm pretty sure no one went home hungry. If they did it's their own fault - there was plenty of food. We have leftovers to freeze. One of the things I bought that I haven't had before is peppered turkey breast. That stuff is good!

Tomorrow is school clothes day. Mary and I are taking the boys to try on and probably buy back to school clothes. This coming weekend is Alabama's tax free weekend. Anything and everything for back to school is tax free. It's a wonderful thing for the powers-that-be to do but I don't intend to wait for it. The crowds are the worst you can imagine. Moms with a "kill the competition" gleam in their eyes and children (bless their hearts) crying because they don't know what might happen next. Thanks but no thanks. The saved $ isn't worth the hassle. Not for me. I like to maintain a trace of dignity when the children are with me. You know, set a good example.

I have a lot to accomplish this week and just hope that I'm up to the task. Time will tell. I hope everyone has a pleasant Monday and an even better rest of the week. My best wishes to all.


happyone said...

The sandwich day sounds great. I love sandwiches.

I'm with you about shopping with the crowds - days like that seem to bring the worse out in some people. I won't wait on those long lines either. I hope you have an enjoyable day!!

desert dirt diva said...

wish california had a tax free weekend, this state only has tax increases,GRRRRRR, i get to enroll my son in high school.....

Cheryl said...

Sandwich days are great. Everyone gets to make their own creations and it's easy on you.

Have fun shopping. It's much better when they're young. I know :(