Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The High Point of My Day

In addition to live coral, we have a few critters in our reef tanks that you don't normally see in salt reef shops. Green Serpent Star, Red Brittle Star (he's bright red), Lady Slipper Coral, Tongue Coral, Blue Linkia star (he's very bright blue), a pistol shrimp, and a huge bristle worm to name a few.

Our largest star is named Forrest. (For Forrest Gump, don't ask why.). Get ready to say yeeewwww - creepy - or make any number of yucky comments. Forrest is a working member of the reef. He helps keep it clean and is always good for amazing visitors. Not often do I get a chance to photograph him because he's usually a nocturnal critter. Harry was feeding the tank and Forrest came out to investigate. Get ready here he comes . . . . . .

The underside of Forrest is where his mouth is located - and other things, too, for that matter. The strange long coral beside Forrest is the Tongue Coral.
His top side looks a little different. He's heading back into his little cave to sleep for awhile.

Now you've seen the high point of my day. It doesn't take much to amuse old ladies.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.


AlabamaGal said...

You've got some beautiful creatures in your aquariums! We also love coffee in the morning and throughout the day.


Brad said...

What a treat to see the star fish -

C.A. said...

That is AWESOME, Mary! Thanks for posting those pics. Having just snorkeled in Cozumel, I appreciate how hard Harry works to keep those creatures alive and happy!

Happy Wednesday!


Smocha said...

Well, I must say I've never seen that before. Oddly beautiful:)

happyone said...

I think Forrest is cool looking and I like his name. :-)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Looking at aquariums has such a calming affect on me...I love it. I don't have any though because I know how much work is involved and I'm basically lazy. About the fireworks...WOW am I ever glad to have someone else feel the same way I do about them. I don't like all the noise either. People just get carried away with it and we will suffer through nightly booms and bangs for the next month and more. I can see them from my back deck just fine, thank you. Be well, Mary.

Cheryl said...

I'd love to spend some time gazing at your tanks. The star is beautiful. I can appreciate it being a high point of your day. Like me seeing the hummingbirds.

SOUL: said...

i think he's cool.
do you handle him at all?
i can picture the boys playn frisby with him..
hmm.. i know.
i didn't mean that you'd let em. just maybe they'd try. :))

Mary said...

Forrest sends his thanks to all of you for admiring him and not sending even one "Yuck". He feels so happy because he's feeling loved.

No we don't handle him. If we tried to pick him up he'd grab on and hold to a coral or rock and the whole aquarium would come falling down. The children like to look and feed (drop food in the tank) but they never ask to hold.

Anonymous said...

The colors in that tank! All I can say is wow. You really have made something very special there. Forrest is just amazing.

simonsays said...

What an awesome little creature!

It's so funny, there are so many things in this world that I didn't even know existed.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend Mary. Hugs.