Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's in File 13?

Not much happening in my world. I haven't left the house since last Saturday and haven't felt that I'm house bound. Too much to do to be bored. I've been going through "stuff" and throwing most of it away. Over the years I've kept the most insignificant things that no longer mean anything to me. When I go over the rainbow bridge I don't want the kids to be burdened with sorting and cleaning. Now I don't have plans to cross the rainbow bridge for many years but I'd like a little time to enjoy having MUCH less "stuff" and clutter.

Pictures are everywhere - in envelopes, boxes, files - absolutely EVERYWHERE. I'm taking pains to label them if they will mean anything to the kids. Many of the pictures are from my school days. I'm sorting most of them and am going to send them to folks that will appreciate and find meaning in them. Pictures of flowers from forgotten gardens, landscapes, etc., are gracing file 13. I need a larger File 13. This one is getting pretty full.

OK, now you know what I'm up to. What are you doing today? Whatever it is I hope it makes you happy.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Mary, I left a little something for you on my blog tonight. Go check it out.

Cheryl said...

I wish my parents would have a File 13. My father just keeps collecting stuff. We'll be inheriting Case knives, Beanie Babies, Ski Country decanters, and every DVD known to man. So good for you to be cleaning out. It's hard for the children when there's so much stuff left behind.

Hope all is well with you Mary.

Tee said...

Before we retired, Hubby was a home inspector. He would come home from inspections and say, "we are going to clearn out this house!" The junk we collect. It makes me ill to think about if we ever move from this house. We've been here 32 years, can you imagine the stuff we have collected? Were do you start? In the attic, the house, the basement, the workshop, or the lawnmower building. OMG. Good for you helping out your kids. We just did a "yard" sell in my Mom's basement. It was full and how it's all cleaned out. What we did sell, we hauled to the Goodwill.

SOUL: said...

i can't remember what i did on thursday-- or wait-- was this wednesday? yes it was wednesday. hmm, no wonder i don't remember it.

i do know i need a file 13 tho-- instead, i have a couple foot lockers-- well 3... and boxes galore-- ugh..
wanna come sort mine? :))

good luck with that-- i bet you're almost finished by now??

happy friday-- sorry, i'm oh sooo late!