Thursday, July 24, 2008

It was a Happy Day

The appointment with doctor went well. They ran a couple of routine tests and determined that my bone density is "better than great for my age" and that my cholesterol is "great for my age." I hate that phrase ". . for my age" when someone else uses it. The part that I love is that they weighed me two times because I have somehow managed to loose 26 pounds! It's remarkable what just small changes did for me. Yes, i am bragging.

Nothing else comes to mind to ramble on about so here is a quickie shot of the fish in our 225 gal reef getting ready for nightie-night. . .

. . . .and a picture of our big Sailfin Tang. He appears to pose for pictures.

Did I mention that Harry bought a new camera? He decided on Nikon D40.

Tomorrow is swimming day - the boys are ready.

Have a good evening. Thanks for stopping by.


Cheryl said...

I'm glad it was a happy day. You seem happy most of the time. Glad the test results were good. I'm sure they were good for someone of any age. Geez...they should be a little more sensitive.

Were these pics taken with Harry's camera? If not, I'd love to see some.

Happy night, Mary.

Mary said...

Yes, Cheryl, the pics were taken with Harry's new camera. We really don't know how to use all the bells and whistles but we are impressed with the plain simple "auto" mode.

Tee said...

Tell me, PLEASE, how you lost the weight. I'm fighting what seems like a losing battle with my weight. It's great when you get those good reports!

happyone said...

Good for you!!! 26 pounds is a lot! Congratulations!!!

I hate those words too - for your age.

Mary said...

Tee, The weight loss hasn't been a problem. My ice cream is now Dannon's Lite and Fit 0 Plus. My salads are only fresh vegies - no more seeds, nuts, and cheese - and salad dressing is no fat. Cheese is no longer New York Sharp Cheddar or Brie - it's low fat American. Bread is out for the most part as is red meat. I'm trying to keep protein and carbs pretty will balanced and fats low. In short, I just changed the way I eat. I don't consider myself on a diet and don't feel restricted from any food if the occasion arises. I'm sure the fast weight drop is over and don't know if I will continue to drop pounds but I do intend to continue eating the way I'm eating now.

Anonymous said...

26 pounds! That is so great. The pictures are terrific. I think that you deserve each day to be a happy one.

Brad said...

Love that pic of the fish. Harry made a great choice on the cam - I was looking at that one too.

simonsays said...

Twenty-six pounds!!! Yea for YOU!

The fish is beautiful, how awesome it must be to have them to look at any time you want.

Happy swimming today!


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Good news from the Dr. and very good news on the weight loss. And the pictures are beautiful for sure. Hope you have a fun swim with the kids and a happy weekend.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I want to know what those small changes that you made were...25 pounds is fabulous! I'd like to lose about 30 to 35 pounds....So, I am really interested in what you did.

I LOVE that fish in the last picture...Stunning!
You know so very many of my plants---Cactus and Succulents look like things one sees underater at the bottom of the Sea...And as we know, a lot of the world WAS underwater at one time....The close relationship of these things is just undeniable....!
I have to check out that Nikon 40D....!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I just read your comment on what you did and in my view, you made some BIG changes...And it worked! Cutting out Cheese and Olil and Butter abd Bread, etc...BIG and Good Changes.