Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Busy Times

I haven't blogged for a few days - several to be sure.  It's been a busy time here at the old farts' household.

Over this past weekend we attended a reef trade show near Nashville, Tennessee.   Anyone ever hear of Antioch, Tennessee?  That's where the trade show was held. 

We rushed home in order to get ready for Harry's surgery on Monday.  Everything went just fine - fine for surgery, that is.  The surgery did slow him down but he is feeling better this afternoon. 

The two local grandsons were worried about what was going to happen to Papa.  On Sunday afternoon they sat side by side in Papa's deck chair and questioned me about what was going to happen.  They asked if they could come visit Papa on Tuesday.  Of course they were welcome.  

On Tuesday the Mary brought the boys by after school.  They quickly saw that Papa was going to be OK.  James, the youngest, asked what "they did with Papa's gallbladder."  I told him that the doctor sent the gallbladder to the lab for testing to be sure nothing was wrong and that Papa didn't need more treatment.  The tests were all OK.  With the most serious expression and the widest eyes James asked, "Are they going to put it back?"   I love children and their logic.   Bless their hearts, the boys were worried about Papa.

In case you noticed the picture change at the header of my blog . . . this is a different coral than the one pictured before.  Color is about all they have in common.

Gotta get dinner out of the oven and move forward with our afternoon and evening.   Take care and visit soon.  Thanks.


JTS said...

Hi Mary! I'm sure that reef trade shows have to be awesome! Do you find all kinds of things you really want/need to have for your own tanks? I am in love with the pictures you post, such color and texture, fascinating! :-)

I'm glad Harry got thru the gallbladder surgery just fine too. If it was giving him problems, he'll be a lot happier without it. Mine was removed thirty some years ago after a really bad attack.

I love the relationship you have with your grandchildren.. how very lucky they are and how very blessed you are to have them close by and interacting in your lives!

Happyone :-) said...

Glad to hear that Harry is doing fine after his gallbladder surgery!!
Your header is beautiful! Such nice bright colors.

Tee said...

Antioch, TN is where Dave Ramsey grew up. That is really pretty country up there. We especially like Franklin, TN, south of Nashville. Lots of Civil War history up there as well.

So glad Harry is doing well after his surgery. It might take his stomach a month or so to decide what it likes and doesn't like, but it will settle down and he will feel so much better.

Those children are so precious, that is why they are called grand children.

Cheryl said...

I noticed the difference in the coral right away!

I'm glad that Harry's surgery was a success. Hopefully they didn't have to do it the old way. My mother's burst during surgery! Not so good but she recovered, with a long regime of IV antibiotics. Puts things in perspective, right?

Happy day!

Jamie said...

That coral is beautiful, Mary. Things sound good in your world now, who could ask for more?

I think your grandsons are awesome, btw. Such caring little guys.

Big hugs, friend. :)