Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Snow???  Yes, a honest-to-goodness snow!!!  Emergency weather reported  8 inches of snow.  Harry thinks it's less here at our house and I believe he's correct.  We are well prepared for staying home even though we don't have to.  Main roads have been plowed.  We would only have about three blocks of real snow/ice to drive over.  Enough about the weather.

For a time I lost interest in reading but that has past.  I'm making a priority list and deciding if I should to buy books, a Kindle, or rely on the library.  The Huntsville Public Library is located on the other side of town.  We do have a branch really close but it doesn't always work well for me.  If I have a book held, the due date is 7 days with no renewal.  That's because someone else has usually requested a hold.  No time to really digest the book and re-read parts that are interesting/meaningful to me.  I guess I am spoiled and cranky but I don't want to feel pressure attached to my leisure time.

Gathering day was fun.  I baked a pork loin and had peas and corn.  It was simple but no one went hungry.  Afterwards some of us enjoyed an episode of Funniest Videos.  Others - namely Uncle Joe (our oldest) and Jesse played a video game that captured Jesse's interest.  Both little ones were excited because of the winter storm warning and the fact that school was cancelled for today.  Pictures of sleding, snowmen, and snowball fights were dancing through their heads.  They did not wake up to disappointment.

Time to wrap up this post and move along with the day.  As usual, thanks for visiting.  Ya'll come back, ya hear.  Hope you are well and happy.


Smocha said...

I think I speak for all of us.....where's your snow pictures???

The kindle I got for Christmas has not arrived yet so I can't tell you about that yet.I get to go to the Denmark public library.They actually have quite a few books in english ...too bad I always seem to pick the bad ones.

Happy Monday!

JTS said...

Snow! I am envious! But not of the cold. It's getting cold tonight here too. I don't like it much! Sure is pretty though, nothing more beautiful than a new snowfall.

Everyone I know who has a Kindle loves it. There is a Kindle app for my HP mini netbook. I haven't downloaded it yet, but I will before John's hospital stay next week. So nice to have books with you always, and no pages to hold and turn!

Happyone :-) said...

I sent you the following email the other day and it came back rejected. I just copied it and put it here in the comments.
Hi Mary,
I just read your blog about getting books from the library.
I was a volunteer at our library and would go to the library, pick
out books for someone and then bring the books to their house. When
they were due to be returned I'd pick them up, bring them back and
pick out more books and the cycle continued. I got to be really
close with some of the people. The library would extend the loan
time to 6 weeks. Amazingly there is no one here that wants this
service so I don't do it anymore.
Maybe there is something like that at your library. Something to
check out anyway.
Enjoy your day Mary.
Karen :-)