Monday, January 3, 2011

Fiji Leather Coral and Floor Drains

Hello to everyone.  Once again I'm sitting at the keyboard trying to think of something worthy of a blog.  I could blog about the state the house is in - messy, none too clean, and boarding on "just move out and leave it."  That would only depress me and make me feel guilty.  Not gonna do that.  Let me think a minute more . . . .

The new picture at the top of my blog is the Fiji Yellow Leather coral which is the centerpiece in my salt water reef.  It has at least doubled in size since Harry bought it for me in April, 2009.  It has grown pretty fast for a coral.  The color is accurate - a soft, fluffy yellow.  That explains that.

At dinner yesterday, we (the gang) were talking about houses and what amenities we'd want in a new house.  (or something to that effect).  I declared that should I ever be fortunate enough to build another house there would be tile floors and a floor drain in every room with connection to water.  Just think of being able to hook up a hose and spray floors clean.  I think that would be neat - no mop and clean floors.   Many years ago, when I was a teenager and living with my parents, we had a mud/pump house room with a floor drain .  The drain had a screw on cap which completely closed the top.  To clean the floor one just removed the cap, attached a hose with a spray nozzle to the laundry sink, turned on the water, and pointed the nozzle.  A real quick squeegee, replace the cap, and move on with your day.  I still think my dad had great ideas.  Sometime I'll blog about his most wonderful (in my opinion) shop.  It was truly unique.

I made a quick round of blogs and sat here for far too long.  It is almost noon and I still am wearing my robe.  Gotta get a move on.  My best to everyone. 


Happyone :-) said...

When I lived in Puerto Rico I saw them clean houses just like you said. The houses are made of cement and are mostly open. People would take a hose and clean their house. Not everyone did it this way but some did!!

The coral is beautiful!!

Cheryl said...

You came up with a blog post just by having Blogger open and the keyboard in front of you. That's the way to do it.

I'd have a housekeeper if I could.

JTS said...

I am loving these beautiful pictures! This coral looks like a soft fuzzy blanket! :-) LOL at the hose down the room idea, we talked about the same thing at work today, how handy it would be to have a house you could just blast out now and then! (And maybe a giant "garbage disposal" in the floor that you could sweep all the mess into and make it disappear! :-)

Plumbing said...

Yellow coral as drain. That sounds really cool. Your very enthusiastic I believe.