Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter in the South

It is official.  Global warming is gonna get us all.   This morning when I woke up and looked outside what was the first thing that I saw?  SNOW FALLING.  Can you imagine that!!  Having spent time in what some consider "Snow Country" it is no mystery to me.  However, some folks who have never seen this snow stay on the ground this long are intimidated by it all. 

I'm drinking my last cup of ginger tea.  After the coffee pot is empty I turn to tea.  My favorite is ginger.  Trip to the "ginger tea store" is on the list for tomorrow.  Truth be known, we wouldn't have to go to the grocery for another week. 

The boys came for a little while today.  They played in the snow all day yesterday.  Jesse was eager to watch the snow-boarding competition and other sports TV.  Mary took James to the golf course to ride the sled.  He made a few runs down the long slope and was ready to come back inside.  Their school is closed again tomorrow and they plan to spend part of the day here.  I need the diversion and am looking forward to it.

When the snow fell it covered our bird feeders.  Harry took a simple cardboard box lid out and set it on the snow in front the window where my computer sets.  He filled it almost to the top with birdseed.  I've really enjoyed watching the many birds come and go. A squirrel is also enjoying the feast. 

Such is the state of our household in this winter wonderland.  Have a cup of ginger tea and stay warm.


Happyone :-) said...

My favorite tea at the moment is orange spice.
We only got a couple of inches snow. Most of it missed us again.

Cheryl said...

I love ginger. I'd probably love ginger tea.

The south has really been socked with this snow. It's nice to look at and I'm sure a thrill for those not used to it. I'm glad the boys got to play in it. As Happyone said, we've been missing most of the storms. We got about 2" last night. We got so much last year that maybe we'll get lucky and not see much of it this year.

Hope you're warm and comfy.

SOUL said...

hiya LBF-
some hot tea sounds pretty good right now. we're out of my favorite at the moment -- 'constant comment'. guess i should put that on my list. but we do have another one i like-- just forgot what it was called - and might have trouble finding it in the drawer full of tea that we have :((
it's cold here too - but we only got a little bit of snow. some areas near us got several inches , we barely got an inch or two. course the city had to act like it was a blizzard. texas is just not prepared for icey conditions. weirdos. :))

anyhow-- good to see ya posting. lets me see you feel at least kinda good :))

stay warm - take a pic of the birds at your window - i wanna see them feasting :))