Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Morning Mail

Here I again.  Man, I'm gettin' good at this bloggin' thing.  Not much to blog about but here I am anyway.

I'm sitting at my keyboard chuckling about my morning mail/deliveries.  I received a Fit and Strong workout DVD for the over 60 crowd.  About an hour later, Harry brought me my one piece of mail for the day - a Victoria's Secret catalog.  Hmmmmm - Talk about two far ends of the spectrum this is it.  Can't you just picture it:  An old fart in a wild Victoria's Secret get-up, joints popping and creaking, flopping (I no longer jiggle) around while trying to keep up with the over 60 crowd DVD?  Lordy, lordy ain't life grand!!!

I'm taking Harry out to eat this evening.  He's been working on tank maintenance most of the day and I know he's tired.  Remember we have a total of five saltwater tanks (total over 700 gallons). The tanks are pretty much "stand alone"  (other than daily adding water to replace evaporation) but big maintenance days do come along on a regular basis.  This was one of those.  Do you think Outback would be a good choice.  Yep, I do, too.

Cheryl, the coral in the header pic does look like a fluffy blanket.  If you touch it, though, it retracts all the fluffy little polyps for a little while.  Most corals will do that.  I have three yellow corals and three purple/blue clams that set the theme for my tank. 

It's time for me to think about moving on to a couple of things that I still need to do today and get ready to go out to dinner.  Until later,  take care. 


Cheryl said...

We're doing good Mary. Four days into the new year and going strong.

At least your post was funny. The visual, you know.

Where did you go for dinner? I had chocolates and a little ice cream for mine. So bad. I need a video.

Mary said...

We went to Outback. Harry really enjoys their prime rib and I'm more than a little fond of their French onion soup.

You wouldn't find this exercise video very challenging but it's just right for me after almost two years of almost no real exercise.

Jamie said...

Yep, the mental image you provided was worth a hoot or two!

Your coral is gorgeous. I have never actually seen a tank in real life...I'll bet they are really something to see.

I love that you are writing so often. Big hugs. :)

Happyone :-) said...

I see in the comments that you went to Outback for dinner. One of my favorite places. :-)
I love the ribs!! with a baked sweet potato!

Tee said...

Cracked me up about the exercise DVD and the Victoria who? LOL.

What happens if one of those huge tanks springs a leak? Wet carpet?

Mary said...

Not really, Tee. They are on tile floor and not in position to flood the house. Just open one door to the outside and let the water run out. The room they are in was once a carport so the floor has a very slight grade to that door. Tanks are leveled on their stands.

SOUL said...

how was outback? usually can't go wrong there.
how bout the rest of your world? i have fallen behind with everyone this last few weeks... ugh. and i think i said i was gonna get better about that.
anyways happy new year to you and yours ---
la LBF