Thursday, October 18, 2007

Golf Makes Me Tired

C.A. I answered your question in the comments of Wednesday's post. It was a good question.

Today promised rain and we almost got enough to settle the dust under the dogwood tree. A lot of rain fell both north and south of us though. Maybe our turn will come in the next few days.

Today Hubby and I played golf . . well, Hubby played and I swung at the ball lots of times. The course we played is best for those who have good control of the ball. Boy was I on the wrong course!! I haven't tried to play in a long time; it's probably been almost two years. Hubby and his golfing buddy are just about even in ability so they enjoy playing together. However, Hubby was patient with me and tried to make me feel like a real golfer.

Tomorrow is the big "Get Pumpkins and Make Jack-O-Lanterns" day. The grandsons will participate in cleaning the pumpkins, selecting the faces, and drawing it on the pumpkins. Needless to say Hubby will do the actual carving. The boys mother requested happy or silly faces for the pumpkins. Last year the oldest boy wanted a scary face. That was fine until he saw the face after dark with a lit candle inside - it really scared him. Scary faces won't be an option this time. What's my role in this endeavor? I'll collect the seeds, clean them, and roast them. Roasted pumpkin seeds are a tasty snack.

I'm tired this evening. Bet no one has to rock me to sleep tonight. Hope everyone is safe and happy. My best wishes to all.

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Cheryl said...

It's Friday and I'm so tired. The meds have made me loopy all day. I'm going to write about it in a minute.