Monday, October 29, 2007

Oh, What-a-Day

The picture in my header was taken in the redwoods somewhere north of San Francisco and south of Seattle. We drove hwy 101 from SF to Seattle a few years ago. This is one of my favorite pathway pics.

We watched an unusual but very interesting movie this evening. It was billed as a biography of Bobby Darin and titled "Beyond the Sea." I knew a lot about him but learned even more. If you haven't seen the movie and like unusual presentations I can recommend it.

I'm pretty tired tonight even though I didn't accomplish very much today. I did work outside some but still have more to do. Harry completed the stone borders and I really like them. When spring comes things should look much better in our yard.

There are a couple of things I intended to write about tonight but now that I'm in front of the computer I realize that I'm beat. I'm trying to ignore and avoid a flare up of 'Old Uncle Pain' but it's getting harder to do. Meds seem to fail to be effective sometimes. During those times I don't have as much git-up-n-go. I think I may call my doctor and shimmy on in to see him on Thursday if I think a full blown flare is on the way. Folks, I'm not down; I'm just bent and will be goin' full force again very soon.

I'm going to check on my blog friends, maybe make a comment or two, and waddle on to bed. Have a good night everyone and a pleasant tomorrow.


Josie Two Shoes said...

I just love your header picture, and now I know where it's from. How I want to go walking down that path in the beautiful fall weather! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling great, I hope it turns around for you soon.

Cheryl said...

I'd love to be standing in the middle of that forest. I can almost see and smell it. What a fantastic drive that must have been.

I hope today finds you feeling better. Have a good one!

SOUL: said...

i finally found the time---and internet speed come over for a visit.
sorry you're in pain. seems most my peeps are these days. and that really sucks.
walking thru those trees at one time would have been inspiring.. today, when i read and though about , even a short jaunt thru a forrest--- all i could think of hurting. what a pain in the you know what.

hope ya feel better and get outside soon. you need to enjoy those rocks before it gets too cold,