Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Once Around the Blogs Then to Bed

Here it is the 2nd of October and I'm still trying to finish August. A little behind aren't I? I worked in the yard today. The hot, dry summer kept me inside - well not working in the yard anyway - and the borders and beds have gone down hill. Things that should be thriving are dying and weeds are thumbing their nose at me. I will win this battle but it may take awhile. I may have to call the yard police.

Has anyone ever planted monkey grass and pampered it into a beautiful border? If you have and if it's been growing for three years you'll need dynamite to get rid of it. Anyone need a healthy start of the stuff? I dug/pulled two 39 gallon bags of the stuff today and didn't make a dent in what's lurking in my yard.

Before I forget: My nephew Ricky emailed me to let me know I made a mistake. He and his lovely bride will have been married 40 - yes 40 - years on 2 Dec 07. His 40th anniversary will be happening when he gets home from Alabama. Time really files.

I'm really tired this evening. I doubled pain medication in the hopes that I'll sleep through the night. Sorry, I'm not very lively tonight. I can't wait to read about your day. Once around the blogs and then to bed.


SOUL: said...

i used to have that monkey grass... it's as bad as friggin cannis (?).. that stuff over took our entire yard once..like a jungle!

anyhow.. hope you sleep well

Cheryl said...

What a great title. Were you able to sleep well?

I don't have monkey grass but I've planted more than one invasive plant in my perennial garden and regretted it. This summer I planted Bee Balm, so I guess I haven't learned anything. Except that hummingbirds love it.

Ricky said...

I just love it when folks talk about yard stuff. With 3/4 of an acre of tropical landscaping to maintain here in north county San Dieo, I would be dead in the water with out mulch,Round-Up and my handy dandy back pack sprayer. These items were made in heaven along with Duc Tape and Valcro. Enjoy your gardens kids.Time for an adult beverage,later.....