Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Zinnia as a Teen Ager

Oops! I've been absent for a few days. Just been busy spinning my wheels. Judy, our daughter, finally commented on my last blog. I'm so glad she did. She suggested I tell my readers a special Zinnia story that took place when Zinnia was a really young kitty and Judy was home with us.

One evening Zinnia refused to come inside and we couldn't catch her. Result, she became an outside kitty for the night. In the early morning hours I woke up to the sound of what sounded like a serious cat fight. Lots of noise and bumping around. Of course, I rushed out to the deck (before it became a screen porch) to rescue our precious baby kitty. She was on the deck, could hardly walk, head held low, little whining meows, and every sign of a badly injured animal. I picked her up and she was limp! Very little movement. It scared me to death because Zinnia was Judy's special pet - Judy rescued her from a life as a stray. Anyway, I rushed her to Judy's room, woke Judy up and told her the bad news. I gave the limp, pitiful kitty to Judy. Judy took her to bed and laid down with her while I went to call the vet emergency number. The next thing I heard was Judy telling Zinnia to "Stop it!" Not a good thing. When I got back to Judy's door she was yelling for Zinnia to "stop running laps around my bed." As soon as I left the room the poor pitiful cat began chasing her imagination around Judy's bed and being a rowdy kitty. She was just pretending to be injured and put on a convencing show. I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Zinnia was a real stinker when she was a teenager. Nothing was sacred to her. She hid my watch and keys many times then sat and watched me hunt them. At times I swear this cat was laughing at me.

With time and age she settled down and is now a good pet. While not a lap cat, her disposition is good. We are so happy that she's doing as well as she is. She can eat and drink on her own. Is grooming herself - not as much as before but grooming, never the less. The litter box is no longer a challenge. All in all, she holds her head at a funny angle, walks a bit unsteady at times, but seems happy and content. I think she'll be here to welcome her original Mommy home for Thanksgiving. Get ready, Judy. She may decide to run laps around your bed.


AlabamaGal said...

I love this story! Our cat Cookie is as mischevious as Zinnia now! At night when we are sleeping, she jumps on top of thu furniture (which she is not supposed to go on) and when I say no she just meows like a child being scolded. When she wants our attention at night too, she RUNS across Armando and me in the bed to wake us up. LOL When she wakes us up, and Armando usually gets up to move her to the living room, she runs & hides under the bed. We love her and understand her. She was a rescue too.

Smocha said...

Oh...what a relief. I am so glad to hear that your little brat is doing so well.
Give her a big ole smooch from me:)


Brad said...

Thank you for the story and the smile. I'm glad she so much better. Give her a love for me.