Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bright Happy Morning

It's a bright, happy morning here in Old Fart Country. Zinnia is far from her normal self but she is eating a few bites on her own and has had a few laps of water without being harassed to do so. She can get into her litter box and get out without help. Her "cover-up abilities" aren't what they should be, but we can live with that - and even that will probably improve. For the first time, she is working to groom herself. The screened porch is now her domain along with the foyer that leads from the sunroom to the porch. She seems to be enjoying the relative freedom. She's not steady when she walks and lays down to rest before moving on towards her destination. Sort story: We now believe that she will be able to enjoy a pain free relatively normal life and happy life. She's lovin' all this attention.

This afternoon our gathering will be quiet. Joe, Keith and family, and the race will be our day. Buddy and family have out of town guests so we won't see them today. I'm not cooking but there are snacks and drinks. Next Sunday should see a return to normal at the Hooper Household.

I want to thank those who have offered concern, hope, and understanding this past week. You have no idea how much it helped us. Neither Harry nor I knew how much this cat means to us. I've complained about how hot she is when she wants to sleep against me but during this
ordeal I've wished she would just be OK and insisting on sleeping against me - or curled up on my night table.

Again, thanks for "being there"


SOUL: said...

sorry i haven't been around-- i obviously missed something-- happy to hear things are better now.

hope you have a great day with the fam today-

AlabamaGal said...

I am SO sorry that I have not been to visit in so long and that during this time you and little Zinnia have been battling for her life. I am glad she is showing some signs of improvement now.

I hope you have a great day today and that every day you see bigger improvements.


Tee said...

I'm so glad there is improvement. Maybe the trip to the vet tomorrow will bring encouragement. I can't imagine life without my cat, Oscar Snuggles, King of Tidewater. He is the last of three of the greatest cats we have ever had--his mom, Mollie, his sister, Sweet Pea and now our little ole Oscar. He was 14 the end of August. They leave paw prints on our hearts.

Smocha said...

I am so glad to hear Zinnia is on the upswing.I hope she makes a full recovery.

I know this has been an awful ordeal for you.My annoying little Cavuto just woke me up at 5 A.m. .....but I couldn't imagine my life without my cat babies:)


happyone said...

Oh, I am so happy to hear the great news about Zinnia. :-) Give her a pet for me.

Brad said...

There's just nothing like the unconditional love of a dear pet.

I think that applies to cats too ?


Summer said...

I hope she's doing ok tonight.

Judy said...

Oh I am so glad things are looking up. I have been thinking about everyone. You know how she loves to put on a show and I am sure she is loving the attention. You should tell everyone about the time she acted like she was on death's doorstep for you. You know the time that I mean. Love to all
~The Albin Clan

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh Mary, I sure hope she continues to improve. I know exactly how you feel.