Friday, September 5, 2008

Day Two Ends

Still in Indianapolis and had a full day. Indy track and museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art, and a driving tour of downtown - a really full day. Wonderful dinner at Abuels (spelling). We're back in our room early - we're tired and there's no race tonight (on TV) because of Hannah. Glad we're here and not there. We've had wonderful weather. Tomorrow we head to Windsor, Ontario, via Detroit. It isn't a long drive so we'll have time to explore along the way. Took oodles of pics. Will post when home. We still haven't had a fuss and are happy with each other.

Safe travel, fun things to do, good food, comfy beds - I still say we're two luck old farts. Hope everyone is well and happy. Until later - bye, bye.


Smocha said...

I'm so excited for you on your big adventure.

My dad lived in Detroit for a while . I had already left home and never went there. I didn't know Detroit had any tourist

Hopr it all goes just the way ya' want it too:)

Looking forward to seeing the pics!

Cheryl said...

What a fun adventure you're having. I'm so glad you could post from the road. Keep it coming.

Hanna's rain started here about an hour ago. It should rain all day tomorrow and then move on. We really need it.

Be happy!

simonsays said...

It all sounds so good, so relaxing, and so happy. This post makes me smile.



Summer said...

I love this idea of a vacation. We're just hanging around waiting on Hannah. Wish I was with you two!

Tee said...

Sounds like you are really have a good trip! We always have rain when we travel. LOL. We never let it stop us, we just keep on trucking through the puddles. :-)

jAMiE said...

Well i'm glad there has been no fussing...sounds like another full safely and enjoy Windsor.

SOUL: said...

happy to hear yall are having such a good time!!
i can't wait to see the pix teewwwww.
when are ya comin back?
stay safe!
and no fussin :))