Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day and All is Well

The last few days have been busy without much accomplished. My wheels are spinning but movement is s-l-o-w.

We are watching Hannah (storm) and thinking that it will be best if we postpone our Big Adventure. I don't think either of us is ready for the Big Adventure we might find under these conditions. I vote for home sweet home.

Today is quiet - most of the kids were here yesterday. Sarah fell and sprained her ankle and is home bound for a few days, so their little family was missed. Harry and I will drive out there later today. Baby Hooper is doing well and growing everyday, as his daddy said. Of course, Jesse and James were here and being their usual sweet little boy selves. James has learned a new phrase ("doing crafts") at pre-school. He got a piece of copy paper, put a few staples in it, took it to the kitchen table along with the box of colored pencils, and drew patterns around the staples. This "doing crafts" phase may prove very interesting. Harry allowed Jesse to take pictures with his (Harry's) new expensive camera and was surprised at the number of really good pictures Jesse was able to shoot. He stood in front of the tanks, aimed the lens, adjusted the focus (Harry showed him a few simple adjustments), and snapped lots of pictures. I was so amused to see that Jesse was doing exactly what he's watched Harry do.

Judy called us on Saturday to let us know that she and hubby have signed the contract on a new house to be built. They expect to be in their home just after the first of the year. Of course it's in the Phoenix area - I guess this means that they will settle there. Looking at the bright side - Nana and Papa will have a home away from home to visit and spoil our little grand daughter. We are so happy for them. They have done so well in such a short time. Way to go Kids!!

I'm not exactly sure where all my blog friends live. If any of you are in the path of these storms, please take care - don't take chances. I know some of you will get unbelievable amounts of rain. Be careful and stay dry. Thinking good thoughts for each and every one of you.

Hugs and blessings to all.


SOUL: said...


i just this second went totally brainless. :((
not like its the first time.
oh i remember. your trip. i am glad you're putting it off a while. i was worried about y'all driving in such uncertainty.

i have been wonderin about the blog peeps too.
from what i've seen so far-- it aint lookin good for some. i'm hoping everyone is safe too-- even the ones i don't know. katrina was terrible for so many-- i hope ole gustav doesn't come close to that one.
i do think "they" are a lot more prepared for the evacs etc this time. but still. i'm concerned.

anyhow-- hoping you have a great , calm, and relaxing day.



I'm sorry that your trip is temporarily on hold, but you have made a wise decision to hold off on going---who knows, my guess is there will be good by you staying home a bit longer then you had planned.

Have a Safe and wonderful Labor day!

Hope Sarah's ankle heals quickly.

Tee said...

I think you guys made a wise decision to stay put and not have to dodge hurricanes. I just hope we get some rain out of one of them. Our lakes are still so low.