Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Final Plans

It's been decided. The big Adventure will begin on Thursday. Same rules apply; destination different. (We can be flexible when we need to be.) First stop Indianapolis, Ind. I really like Indianapolis and the surrounding area - it will be new to Harry. A couple of days there visiting museums and at least one night spot I know about for dinner. Second stop Detroit. Again not new to me but new to Harry. I want to visit the Shrine of the Little Flower, drive Harry around Grosse Pointe, and maybe dinner in Trappers Alley. We'll cross into Windsor, Ontario, via Ambassador Bridge (I hate the Detroit Windsor Tunnel) and overnight in Windsor. I want Harry to have the opportunity to photograph Detroit from Windsor's Riverside Park. Next is Niagara Falls, Ontario via highway CR-3. We will both be in new territory from here. We have no idea how long we will loiter in the Niagara Falls area (both Canadian and U.S.) but I'm sure we'll be there for a few days. Then we'll slowly ramble towards home. If anything in our path (whatever our path will be) looks interesting and something old farts can do we'll have time to that too. Does this sound like a big bite for two old folks? Hey, we're in a "can-do" mood.

I'll post as much as I can from the road. Ride along with us. If you have suggestions about what to do or where to go (careful here) please feel free to send them my way.

Today is get my head together day. Tomorrow is get everything together, car serviced and washed, and secure house. House sitter is ready and waiting so we'll have no worries there. Don't owe anyone $$$ so no one will miss us. Let our Big Adventure begin.


Brad said...

I hope you two have a great time. I love the kind of trips where you aren't too structured and can take a chance, slow down and explore.

Enjoy & take pics!

Tee said...

Sounds like great fun. Just don't forget your passport. You are going to have a great time, can't wait to hear about it.

Golden To Silver Val said...

If you love Amish things...take in the area of Nappanee Indiana or Shipshewana, Indiana..close to the Michigan border. I used to take yearly trips there, buy up a bunch of home made goodies, bring them home and freeze them for the winter. YUM YUM. There is nothing in this world as beautiful as a homemade Amish quilt. Expensive but beautiful. Have a happy and SAFE trip!!

simonsays said...

Oh Mary---you two will have so much fun! Yes, take me along with you...post as often as you can and when you feel like it. I have never been further than Detroit, and from my little corner of the training world - I was there for a session in the car business - I didn't think it was the greatest place ever, but I didn't really get to see anything, other than tons of traffic and noise... I have always wanted to see Niagra Falls, take lots of pics, K?

Hugs honey. :)

Be safe on the road.


sounds like fun!

If you get bored in Indiana, head west to Chicago and we'll meet up for some hot dogs. :)

drive safe please, and be careful on the bridge!!!

happy Travels!

jAMiE said...

Happy traveling...drive safely...oh i see you're at your first stop...i must read about it...