Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

This is one of many pictures of the falls. I hate to upload the pictures until they've been downsized because they are so slow to load on some computers.
I haven't visited many of your blogs since we've been on this Big Adventure but I certainly haven't forgotten any of you, my blogging friends. By the time our day of adventure is over I'm pretty used up.

We've enjoyed Canada beyond belief. It has been a wonderful experience. People here are friendly and ready to share information. We took the road along the lakes from Windsor to over halfway to Niagara. We were surprised to see acres and acres of commercial greenhouses. We stopped at one of the smaller ones that had a veggie and fruit sales store out front. Harry asked the owner what was being grown. Not only did he explain that they supply wholesalers with fruits and veggies but he volunteered to provide a complete tour of his houses. He was raising tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers - lots of them! We really enjoyed the tour and learned a lot about how these crops are grown for the wholesale market. This is just an example of the wonderful experience we are having. I have pictures of tomato plants that are almost twenty feet tall. They have been producing for almost 8 months and will continue for some time.

I also learned that there is wine made from grapes that have been allowed to freeze. I believe it's called icewine. I think most of you know that wine is my drink. There are more wine makers here than I can count. I want to stop at the duty free store and buy our limit to carry home.

We're going to continue our Big Adventure by traveling home through Appalachia. We have driven roughly 1,100 miles so far. Not one fuss as of tonight.

I've gotten carried away with writing tonight. I better close and get to sleep. The sandman has already visited Harry and he is sleeping.


jAMiE said...

So happy to hear you've been enjoying your time here in Canada...enjoy tomorrows drive and as always, be safe!

simonsays said...

Such beauty----I cannot wait to see the rest of your photos---I have never heard of icewine, let us know how it is, okay?

Hugs and be safe on the road.


Smocha said...

soooo beautiful!

Glad you are having a good time with no fighting:)

can't wait to see more pics!

Brad said...

What a great pic of the falls. Sounds like the perfect trip.

In case you've never tried it - Icewine is great - it is on the sweet side and is mostly considered a desert wine -

Drive safe you two!

Tee said...

That photo is beautiful. I would have enjoyed the tour of the greenhouse.

desert dirt diva said...

sounds like your having a great time, let us know what the ice wine taste like it sounds delish..

Cheryl said...

I would have loved the greenhouse tour. I'm so glad this trip is such a success.

Don't try to catch up on blogs when you get home or you'll be totally overwhelmed. Start from the day after you get back. Not much is new around here anyway!

happyone said...

Glad to hear you are having such a good time. I've been to the falls a couple of times and loved it.
It seems I couldn't stay away from blogging after all. Just needed a little break. It feels good to start over with a brand new blog.