Thursday, September 11, 2008

Home Sweet (Cluttered) Home

We're home and tired. I was happy to step on the scales and see that I didn't gain even one pound!! I certainly ate enough to add 10 pounds - guess I ran it off.

Most things are unpacked and sorted. The boys came by late today and we were able to give them their loot. That helped to clear some of the clutter. There is still loot for Baby Hooper and Miss Maddie-Cakes. Maddie's will be waiting for her when she gets here for Thanksgiving. Baby Hooper will collect his in the next few days. Harry's loot consists of polo shirts from each place we visited. (He collects these shirts.) I really splurged on my special treat. I bought a fantastic piece of blown glass. The artist is one I've seen on TV at least two times but I never thought I'd see him create his work much less own one. The colors are perfect and the form is unusual but really pretty. I may have to eat bread and water but I'll have the piece of art to admire. One of the bloggers I follow is a glass artist and I want to add a piece of her work to my growing collection as soon as she settles into working.

Everything here at home was just as we left it. Joe always does a marvelous job of keeping the tanks in tip-top shape and seeing to kitty's needs. Our mail was neatly stacked and waiting for us. I don't know what we'd do without our kids.

I'll post some of the pictures from the trip as soon as I can sort through them. Tomorrow I have to meet with the contractors who have the best bid for reworking our master bath. They can't begin until October so it will be a push to be ready for our Thanksgiving bash but I'll manage. I have to select tile, vanity cabinet, molding for the mirror, faucets for both lav and tub/shower, and light fixture. I'm electing to do my own painting - why? Because I actually enjoy doing it.

I hope everyone is having a happy evening. Thanks for stopping by.


desert dirt diva said...

woo hoo i'm first!

Glad to see you made it back o.k.and it sounds like you had a great time..

Smocha said...

anxiously waiting for the pics:)

glad all was well at home.