Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Big Adventure Pictures

This is just a few of the pictures we captured as we traveled the backroads from Windsor, Ontario, to Niagara Falls.

A little church at the end of a road caught my eye. It is lovely.

Following are two pics made at two of the many, many commercial greenhouses along the Lake Erie waterfront. The owner provided a personal tour of his houses. Both Harry and I were just overwhelmed at the size of the plants and the number (and size) of greenhouses.

Worker picking cucumbers . These tomato plants are over 19 feet tall and have been producing for over 8 months.
Scene along the waterfront, Lake Erie, Ontario
Barns and a lovely farm house not far from the banks of Lake Erie, Ontario
It's hard to believe that I haven't posted since Sunday. I've been reading and commenting but not taking time to write. Monday was a date with my dental hygienist - no further work needed beyond cleaning. Tuesday saw a meeting with the contractor I've chosen to do our master bath - and decisions, decisions. Then a follow-up appointment with my medical doctor - just routine, no problems. Today was mostly a chill day. Also, Jesse stayed with us while Mary took James to music class. Tomorrow I pick James up from school around noon. In the afternoon I have to begin making plans to clear the deck for the upcoming season. Friday will be play day. Folks, I don't know how I had time to work.

Fall is in the air and I'm appreciating the cooler temps. There is so much to do and it's good that we don't have to fight high 90 degree weather.


Brad said...

What great photos - I love that church.

Now I want a green house, just never satisfied I guess...

happyone said...

I love that church too. I always think it would be really cool to live in an old church!

Wow those are some tomato plants!!

It's always great feeling to come out of the dentist office after just a cleaning and to know no more work needs to be done. :-)

simonsays said...

That church is beautiful! I am loving the photos---thanks for sharing them, and do you have more?

Redoing the bathroom, taking care of lucky grandkids, readying your place for wonder you wouldn't have time to work. It's awesome that your life is so full and happy, Mary.


Cheryl said...

Perfect pictures Mary! I love your header too.

Enjoy your Friday. Don't 'work' too hard.

Tee said...

The photos are beautiful. The one of the farmhouse looked extremely peaceful. I love this cooler weather. I have the doors and windows open in my house with a cool breeze coming through, love, love, love it.

SOUL: said...

crap.. i just fell asleep ! :O (well, woke up actually, but i fell asleep fixin to comment.) wth?
anyhow-- i reckon i better get to bed, before i get scoulded.
i'll get back when i can.
you know how well that works lately.
miss you