Friday, September 26, 2008

Tired and Concerned

Another short post. We took Zinnia back to her doctor today. She had an IV and vitamin shot. She also has some "high calorie palatable dietary supplement" that we have to force feed her every 2 to 3 hours. It's nasty looking stuff but if it helps then that's good. She does have more strength and is making the attempt to move around. It's still a struggle but she isn't in pain. With her 24 hour nursing staff (Harry and me) she is doing OK. Monday we take her back to her doctor and at that time we have to make a decision based on her progress - or lack of it.

James was with us for a while this afternoon. He brought his stuffed squirrel for Zinnia. He thought it might make her feel better. We have her in a baby play pen and James spent a good amount of time beside it talking to her and telling her about his day. He also told her that he and Jesse would pray for her. (Needless to say this old fart had to hurry to another room so James wouldn't see tears.)

Sunday will be a slow day here. Keith and family will stop by and Joe will, too. I'm not cooking - can everyone say "Sandwich Sunday" or "you're on your own"? I don't expect Sarah and Baby Hooper will be here - Buddy will be working. We'd love to see Sarah and Baby H. but understand that she might not want to get involved in the confusion here. Sarah, if you feel that you can make it, come right on over.

So much for a short post. I always have words to spill.

Take care everyone. Thanks for stopping by.


Tee said...

My heart is just broken for you. I know how much I love my cat. I will pray for you that you will have wisdom to make the right decision for all of you.

Cheryl said...

I love it when words spill.

Summer said...

I'm so, so sorry. I understand your sadness.

simonsays said...

I know how you must be feeling...I too, have been where you are. I hope that maybe (?) things have improved or if not, that you feel some peace, at the very least. Hugs, good friend. :)

happyone said...

I understand your pain of seeing a pet so sick.
How special James must be to have such a warm heart at such a young age!!

SOUL: said...

i'm sorry your baby is sick. but happy that i know you have such a loving family to surround you.