Monday, September 22, 2008

Picture Day

Today is picture day. Harry was the photographer; however, Zinnia was supervising. Otherwise the pictures wouldn't have that special zip. (What special zip, you ask? Who knows.)

The azaleas are blooming for the last time before old man frost comes to visit.

Harry's orchids are just starting to bloom. They are young plants - not very large. Give them another year or so.

He had just watered the plants. The camera caught drops of water just ready to fall.

Here is the bittersweet that I brought from the mountains (Appalachia) in 1978. It's still thriving. The common name is "Hearts A-bustin" Appropriate isn't it?
This is a neighbors rose. It's so pretty that I just couldn't resist adding it.

Hope everyone enjoys the pictures. My mind is a blank - can't think of anything to say that's worth hearing.
Thanks for stopping by. Y'all come back anytime.


Brad said...

Zinnia a very pretty cat - she looks like a teenage kitten.

Hope you & yours are doing well!


Cheryl said...

I love a post of pictures. I can't believe your azaleas are still blooming. Love the kitty pic. Good job Harry.

desert dirt diva said...

those flowers are just wonderful!

Summer said...

How many times to your azaleas bloom from spring to fall? I have one late one that doesn't bloom until two months after the first ones. I love the bitter sweet. It's amazing.

Smocha said...

It must be pretty warm where you live....there is nothing blooming around here any more.

Gorgeous pictures!

SOUL: said...

love the pics-- way to brighten up a day-- after a sleepless night.
happy umm.. tuesday? i think. i think i said monday somewhere else today-- just realized i was off a day. oops.

anhow-- our roses are comin back to life too-- we have red and yellow ones-- for some reason half are still dead, but some look real nice.

anyhow-- i gotta go run some errands, and get some sleep.
i feel a stupid attack comin on.


Mary said...

The azaleas are Encore Azaleas. They bloom in both spring and fall. My plants grow to about three feet by three feet. I love them because there is little to prune and they bloom in the fall.

Harry's orchids are young plants - this is their first bloom. He had a really large greenhouse when he lived in Mobile. I wish we had one here - after we get an endless pool and before we are rocking chair bound.

Tee said...

The photos are beautiful. I especially loved the one of your cat. Can you tell I'm such a cat person?