Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nana's Brag Post

Guess who came to visit today. We were thrilled when Sarah and Baby Hooper came through the sunroom door. Today was a venture out alone for them - Buddy had to work so he missed the gathering.

Here are a few pics of our growing four month old little man.

My gums are killing me!

I have a present for you, Mommy.

I can manage this job all by myself.

We are truly blessed.

Let's have a wonderful Monday - as Mondays go.


desert dirt diva said...

i just love the baby pic.s is is a very handsome young man!

Summer said...



I can smell him clear from Chicago--you're giving me the baby bug! :)

Welcome home.

Smocha said...

Oh he is so precious!
What a lucky grandma you are:)

Nothing is more perfect than a laughing baby.

Cheryl said...

So cute. And reading Elizabeth's comment left me with a memory. One day I was swimming laps. When I came to the end of a length, I smelled a smell. A baby smell. I looked up and there was a mom with a baby in a stroller by the edge. I could smell that wonderful baby smell. It was a happy moment.

I just called the club. The pool is still closed. I'm going to another one!

happyone said...

Oh how adorable!!
I mailed the sunflower seeds for James this afternoon.

Golden To Silver Val said...

What an absolutely beautiful baby! Yes...we are so lucky. I love being a grandma as I know you do too.
Have the boys been thinking about their story....(It was a dark and stormy night). Halloween ought to get them in the mood. LOL

jAMiE said...

Just a beautiful baby boy...what a beautiful Monday!

Hope you enjoy Tuesday just as much!

Brad said...

I can't beleive Baby Hooper is only 4 months old (except I remember when he was born-LOL) He looks like he ready to stand up and walk across the room. Very cute!

Mary said...

Thank you everyone. Of course we think Baby Hooper is a keeper. I hope I don't bore anyone with pics of my grandchildren. I'm a typical southern grandmother.