Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just Dropping In to Say Hello

It's been a long time since yesterday morning when Zinnia was first sick. Last night she cried - more like howling - every time I turned off TV and the light or if I left the room. She was scared and confused. (She's not mobile) There's no indication that she's in pain. I slept in the sunroom with both the light and TV on. The recliner wasn't a very comfy bed. Zinnia is still not OK. Tomorrow we talk to the doctor to see what he thinks about recovery. We don't hold out much hope.

The contractor I selected to do the master bath still hasn't called. I've left messages and sent emails. This is a cost plus contract and I need to know my allowances for things like tile, vanity, etc. I won't sign any contract until the allowances are stated in writing. This old pony has been ridden before - I won't sign anything until I know the written word is the way I want it.

Now that I've sounded off I feel much better. I'm just so very thankful that the kids are all healthy and doing well. Hope things in your world are smooth and treating you well.


Tee said...

That really gets to my heart. I can't stand the thoughts of an animal suffering.

As for the contractor, you are a wise woman!!!!! If it ain't in writing, it never happened, according to my attorney friends.

Brad said...

Fingers crossed for kitty -

Cheryl said...

Poor Zinnia. So scared. I hope for the best, whatever that may be.

Do you have Sunday dinner plans?

Mary said...

Yes Tee, I'm a tough old horse when it comes to construction and contracts. My architec father taught me that.

Thanks to all for wishing Zinnia well. I know she's just a cat but she's our cat. We'll know on Monday if improvement is enough to keep going forward. As sad as we'll all be, none of us want her to suffer.

Yes, we are going to have the kids here on Sunday. Sandwiches, most likely. Keeping things as normal as we can.

SOUL: said...

i got an estimate once to re-do my termite catastrophe -- omg --- not pretty-- and the do it yourself was a mess in itself as well.
i wish you luck with your remod.
i can't wait to see pix, and i hope the price is ok for you.

even tho i am reading in reverse-- i do hope kitty is ok.
wtheck happened?