Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm so very far behind that I'll never catch up. Such is life in the fast lane. Picture how frustrating it looks from the slow lane - which is where I sit.

Luck is with me on the master bathroom re-do. A couple came to give an estimate this evening. One was telling me all that should be done and I was just about ready to run crying from the room. The other spoke up and said that he didn't agree. The area he believes needs to be replaced is relatively small given the size of the room as a whole. His suggestion was to replace the subfloor and install a new vanity and tile floor. He pointed out that the tub and marble surround are in perfect condition as is the lav and toilet. He suggested new faucets for both lav and tub/shower. I hope he is correct because I have a lot of $$$ in those fixtures and marble and I still like them. I don't have a bottom line cost yet but it will be less than a wall to wall re-do.

I guess this means the subway tile are on hold. (Subway tile are about the size of the face of a standard brick. They are used for walls and are laid edge to edge.) They might be an option for a kitchen back splash.

Other news. We are leaving on 3 September for a few days. Joe will be doing the honors of house/tank/cat sitting so we won't worry about anything here. We only have a direction we'll be traveling. Our first leg will be Charleston, SC, and from there up the coast. We'll move along as the mood strikes and just be vagabonds. An adventure, if you will. If a hurricane invades our path we'll just change our path - there are lots of mountains to explore in both North and South Carolina. My goal is to return home with a Pawley's Island hammock and a relaxed smile on my face. I think Harry's goal is just to manage not to have a nervous breakdown as he likes things on a cut and dried schedule. We'll have the laptop with us so Harry can conduct business as usual and I'll check email and blogs. I might even write and/or post pictures if time permits.

I have to brag - I have lost 35 pounds. It really hasn't been hard. I'd like to shed another 10-15 pounds but if I don't it'll be OK.

The clock struck three in the morning before I was asleep last night and I've had no nap today. I see an early night in my future - starting right about now. Tomorrow I'll have the boys after school. Have I mentioned that I love all my kids?


Biddie said...

Yay! Congrats on the weight loss!

Tee said...

Just watch the weather. There is another hurricane headed towards, they think the east coast. There is a neat B&B in Black Mountain, NC, (about 15 miles east of Asheville), the Red Rocker Inn. Haven't been there in a while, but they used to have great meals. If the hurricanes miss the east coast, Colonial Williamsburg is a wonderful place. In fact, it's our favorite place in the US.

jAMiE said...

Enjoy your safely and good luck getting your hammock.

Congrats on your weight loss...good for you (pat on the back)...well done!

Summer said...

Wow! That's great news about the weight. Congo rats as ac would say!

I'm so jealous of your trip. Pea green I tell ya!

simonsays said...

Well SO much going on in your world...good heavens, no wonder you are feeling a bit overwhelmed!

A few days, just for the two of you? That sounds like pure heaven. I hope you come home with both objectives met...

And thirty - five pounds is literally awesome! I am quite proud of you and it's great to hear that you didn't have to suffer to do it.

Have a most wonderful long weekend, and then --- you will be off!

Hugs, friend.


Smocha said...

Wow! Go you! How did you lose the weight? 35 pounds is a pretty good haul!

Your adventure sounds like fun city to me. I love to just go "see whatever there is to see."

Take oodles of pictures for us:)

Anonymous said...

I am officially inviting you to come and dance on my table when the dust settles.

SOUL: said...

well, kudos on the weight loss-- i know some folks who'd be real jealous !
me? i'm just proud of ya-- and happy for ya-- i know it isn't to do . so good for you!!!

and the trip sounds exciting ! can i go?? i would love to just jump in the car and do a road trip adventure like that-- sort of like that. but really just no direction, and stop and go anywhere i felt like, and do whatever i wanted. with no time restraints, or limits.
i could drive three hours one day and eight the next-- or not at all. i wanna do that someday. but as for this time of year? i'm done travelin.. after vegas anyhow. but then of course, ther'll be the holidays.
why don't people come here? we always have to go somewhere else. maybe not this time. we'll see.

anyhow-- i have to chuckle cuz i'm bloggin in YOUR box :))

so-i shall go now-

g'night my friend-
(you need a nick name-- i'll have to think about that for a while)

Mary said...

A few of us should plan a Big Adventure sometime. It would be so much fun. I hate to be tied to a hard schedule but Harry is a schedule kind of guy. This will be his first Big Adventure.

Cheryl said...

35 pounds is a huge big deal. Be proud, Mary!

I bought a Pawley's Island hammock last year! I opted for the synthetic fiber because my last one from L.L.Bean dry-rotted and this one never will. I also got it in the brown color. Well worth the money! I loved the little 'village' shopping area that the shop was in, but Emily was in a rush to leave and hardly made a dent in the stores. I want to go back!

Have a wonderful vacation!

I'm going to send you the magazine when I'm finished with it. It will take a while, but one day you'll find it in your mailbox.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

it wasn't hard to lose 35lbs???? I can't seem to manage 5. Good for you!

AlabamaGal said...

Congratulanions on your weight loss! I am proud of you. I know it takes dedication to lose weight and you've done SO WELL! :)

I gained two pounds so now I am 108. My usual is 130. I am trying to eat a lot & still drinking shakes sometimes. Your trip sounds like so much fun! Enjoy yourselves & if you are too busy do not worry abut blogging just enjoy! Take bunches of pictures.