Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello World

It's hard to believe we've had almost two days of rain. The remnants of Fay was kind enough to remember that we have a drought happening right here in Rocket City and is giving our world a wonderful gentle drink.

The initial work under the house is complete. Now I have to think about the master bath. Part of the sub floor will have to be replaced. It's also a great opportunity to replace the vanity and have a high performance potty installed. That bath was completely renovated almost exactly 25 years ago. Guess I can't complain - and I'm not. This re-do will be very simple - I love subway tile and intend to have them at long last. Old farts don't need fancy; we need practical and rugged.

I haven't posted or commented very much for a few days. I have read but have mostly lurked. A schedule (like the one I'm trying to work out now) that seems almost impossible to plan because so much depends on other people just uses me up. Given a couple of days to get my balance and take a deep breath all will fall into place.

Meantime I'll be reading and posting/commenting when I can get my mind clear enough to do so. Don't forget me - I think of each of my blog friends every day and wonder how their world is behaving.


Tee said...

Are you getting an ADA toilet? ADA=American Disability Act. You know those ADA toilets are a bit taller and you don't have to kill you knees using them. LOL! I sure wished I had one when I had my hip replaced.

I would love to have my bathroom redone. I would take that tub out and have a walk-in shower and have the vanity kitchen height and maybe install an ADA toilet. That subway tile sounds like a winner to me. Post photos when you finish.

jAMiE said...

We think of you too...

Enjoy the work being done...maybe you can take some pics...would love to see them.

simonsays said...

I know how hard it is to have your home torn apart, and try to live within the mess...but soon it will be over and it will be awesome!

What is subway tile?

Have a wonderful week Mary. Hugs.


jAMiE said...

Hi again...i left a little something for you on my blog. = )

happyone said...

Hope all your work will be done soon.

My sunflowers are starting to dry out now. I will be able to send James his seeds pretty soon. I'm waiting for the biggest one to dry for James.


definitely won't forget about you!

And good luck with the renovations!! change is always nice no matter what it is.

will you post pictures, please?


desert dirt diva said...

don't feel so bad i have been lagging in the blog world myself.. going to bed thinkin,hmmmmmmmmmm i should blog about this or that , then when i hit my computer my mind is blank....

Cheryl said...

It's raining here as I write. I almost forgot what rain looks like! I don't think it's going to last long. Bring it on, though. Rain and rain all day, please.

Glad to hear the initial work is done. Hope the resto fo the redo goes smoothly.

I read your comment at Val's about your pink car. Wow! You must have felt like a princess driving that.
Any pictures?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I have just been catching up. We had so much rain and wind here from Fay while we were away, but just some downed tree branches and no real damage. Subway tile? We are on the same wave length, because it is exactly what I was thinking about for our bathroom reno. Your love seat looks great. Mary, I will take a great big deep breath with you,and I am sending a big hug your way.