Thursday, August 14, 2008

Title?? What Title?

I need to let you know that even though I'm feeling stress it's self imposed. Everyone is happy with everyone else and no one is having health problems - not real ones anyway. My stress has to do with needing work done on this 40 year old house - work that could prove extensive. If my fears prove justified then I'll just make the changes I've wanted to make to this house since 1985. When faced with situations like this, I sit around and have a pity party for a few days then get up and move forward. I can move forward like a freight train when I need to.

Workers promised to be here next Wednesday morning to begin taking insulation from beneath the house. It is collecting moisture but caught early enough that there should be no big problem. Humidity here is so overpowering that moisture problems are big. The good news is that termites aren't involved. We'll just have to wait and see. I expect to be told that some of the under house plumbing needs to be replaced. If so what an excellent opportunity to make changes that are normally really hard to make. I just have to wait and see.

James had his first day at pre-school. He was so excited and wanting to "tell all." He loves playtime, circle time, and lunch. Everything else is OK, too. At least according to James. It is sad (to me) to see both boys going out in the world, but it's natural progression. We'll have Baby Mav for a while yet and Mattie, too. We just wish Mattie could be here so we could spoil her rotten.

So many of my blog friends are working through really rough situations right now. Some have personal concerns and others unbelievable health issues. My friends, I hope you have a comfortable evening with peaceful sleep. I pray tomorrow will be a better day for everyone.


happyone said...

I'm glad to hear that James had such a good day. He sounds like such a great kid!!

Cheryl said...

I remember how sad I was the day I went to observe the kindergarten Emily would be attending. The kids were sitting so still. It seemed like the end of childhood.

So, a big home project might be in the works. Sounds like you're about to start a journey. Bring us along for the ride, OK?

SOUL: said...

don't you ever slow down???
people like you make me feel so damn lazy-- even on days i run myself ragged-- you still manage to make me feel like a sloth.. ugh.

you ever see a 75 year old woman jogging with a dog?
that really makes me feel lazy. i don't even walk around the block-- and theres someone nearly twice my age-- doing twice as much as i would even attempt.


i am impressed at your determination in life-.. and loyalty to family -- and friends
ola-- soul-
happy friday!

Tee said...

Oh my, sounds like you might having some pretty big projects to deal with. I hope not. We are shopping for fencing since DOT took it when the road was widened.