Friday, August 22, 2008

Calm Weekend Ahead . .

The work being done at my house?
Long story made short: There were several phone calls, one really ticked old woman, a foreman who was/is in BIG trouble with his district manager, and one job finally completed. Foreman left my job unfinished and moved the crew to another job. There was only about three hours work left to finish my job so "we can finish up that job as a fill in," said the foreman. Wrong again hoss! Finish one job before you begin the next. Lesson: Keep your money completely in your control until ALL work is complete to your satisfaction. You won't necessarily make friends but you will earn respect. I'm so glad this job is over. Second phase will be done first of week and then it's on to whatever damage I have and - if I'm lucky - a new master bath. Don't tell Harry. He doesn't know yet.

Nationwide at Bristol is running and is about half way through. I'll be back in front of TV for the finish of the race. Tomorrow the cup cars run Bristol. I'd love to be there in person. Maybe next year.

James spent the afternoon with us. (Jesse had music class after school so he wasn't here.) James and I played Noggin on line, had a snack, and talked about school (pre-school) and "the big blue slide." Only the big kids get to go down the big blue slide because it goes through a tunnel. James' teacher said that maybe her class might get to go down the big blue slide after Christmas. I gotta check out that slide. . .

I re-read my last two posts. Sorry I turned into a "witch with a B" because of the needless holdups with this work. I should be more patient. I promise to try to do better.

Back to the race. My best to all.


simonsays said...

You are SO good at getting things handled...I am much the same way, but I suspect you are way nicer about it, sometimes folks think I am a witch with a B too, but darnit, just once, can't things go the way they are supposed to?

You have work done at your house, and things never seem to go as simply as they should, you buy ANYTHING, and parts don't show up or they are broken...nothing is ever easy these days. And for the most part, it's a lack of common sense planning on someone's part. Folks just don't think things through these days.

Happy Sunday, Mary. Hugs. :)

bonnie said...

My husband says contractors are linked genetically by what the rest of us consider a lifestyle disorder, but to them it's just life.

desert dirt diva said...

I'm glad they finally got the job done.. hope it looks good

Mary said...

The inside portion of the work isn't started yet but the outside part is complete, thank heavens! I'll be getting estimates on the inside part when we're back from vacation. Then the inside mess will begin.