Monday, August 11, 2008

A Day "On the Go"

Is it Monday afternoon already? My, my how time does fly!! Maybe that's my problem - time flies and I just trudge along. It's no longer a puzzle as to why I'm so far behind.

Sunday was a lot of fun. The boys each brought a friend to Sunday gathering with them. The children were really well behaved. Not one problem. The youngest was almost 3 1/2 and the oldest 6. They watched the reefs, played in the bubbles from the bubble machine (outside), had snacks, played Legos and another little game that they made up. The grown-ups talked and/or watched the race. During that race there was a terrible wreck. I don't believe there were any serious injuries though. Baby Hooper decided to stay home. We missed them but soon they will be joining us for gathering on a regular basis.

This morning my friend, Shirley, and I shopped for new rugs for her home. She is doing a bit of redecorating and rugs are on the menu. We saw a L-O-T of rugs but only two or three that are candidates. Because this is a major purchase she's waiting to think about her selection. It's not a good idea to buy when you're on the crest of excitement. She's doing so well following her major surgery a few months ago.

Harry and I drove out to Baby Hooper's house this afternoon. We were only there for a short time but it was fun to see him - and Mommy, too, of course. He is growing like a little weed and Mommy is getting smaller. Her weight is beginning to settle into pre-preg mode. Daddy was at work so we just had to leave a "Hello" for him.

Well, folks that's what has been happenin' in my world. How about yours? I haven't been sleeping again for the last four or five nights. Tonight I'm going to get into bed, take Ambien, and hope to sleep through the night and maybe part of tomorrow morning. I'm so tired and sluggish that you'd think I'm old.


Cheryl said...

How great that the boys got to bring a friend. Bet they want to come back every Sunday!

Not sleeping is the worst. Ambien puts me to sleep but doesn't always keep me asleep. I always worry about sleeping the night before my first day back to work after vacation. I hope I sleep tonight. Even if I don't, I know I have all good clients tomorrow and I'll be fine. I have to psyche myself.

Tee said...

The final layer of asphalt was put down on our driveway entrance, under the close direction of Hubby. We have been dealing with the highway widening almost THREE years. I got a burst of energy this afternoon and canned nine quarts of greenbeans out of our garden. They were just taking up all the room in the fridge. I'm headed to the shower and hopefully a good night's sleep. I so identify with not being able to sleep!

happyone said...

I got such a kick out of the comment you left about James and the sunflowers!! :-)
Tell James I'll send him some of the seeds from the tallest plant at the end of the season and he can plant them next year.
Hope you get a good night sleep!!!

simonsays said...

I really hope you slept well - I know how bad not being able to sleep seems I deal with it for one reason or another most of the time.

Have a good day Mary.



that sounds like a wonderful Sunday!!

I hope you start to sleep better..maybe the shift of the seasons as we know fall is upon us before we know it.

Have you ever looked at Tylenol Pm's? I've often been told that Klonopin helps with sleep (a long lasting valium) my mother in law with her "manure's" uses that because the ambien began to make her sleep patterns worse..

I hope all is good and a happy tuesday!


desert dirt diva said...

sounds great to me....yes i also hope you sleep better......and have fun looking for rugs...