Monday, August 18, 2008

Tiger on the Wall

I had a couple of requests to post a large version of the picture that hung in my office. I'm going to do my best. Let's see how this goes.

Hmmmm. . . . Well, Harry will be embarrassed that I didn't straighten the picture and take steps to keep reflections off the glass. Sorry Babe, this is the best the old gal can do. To my readers I believe you can see several of the other big cats within the pic.

Yesterday, Sunday, was our usual gathering but Baby Hooper and parents were missing. We missed them. The boys asked why he wasn't here. I believe they have decided the baby is a keeper. Uncle Joe brought a computer program that allows kids to build cartoon monsters. They wanted Uncle Joe to demonstrate - or maybe it was Uncle Joe's decision to do so. He built the cutest monster with a monkey body, a unicorn head, one eye, and wings with a wide span. It was purple. He called me to come look at the critter. When I got to the computer there were two little guys standing there with big eyes and mouths ajar. Uncle Joe told them that I would recognize the monster and the boys had all eyes on me. I laughed and broke into the "Purple People Eater" song and the boys were so relieved to know he was "just a song" and not real. Uncle Joe likes to tease everyone and he surely had them in his clutches that time.

Harry's yearly physical was this morning. Kids, I'm happy to report that his report card was very good. I guess we'll keep him for another year. What da ya think?

We two old farts have just about worn this day out. In another hour we'll begin to settle in for the evening. I hope I can sleep tonight. Harry NEVER has trouble sleeping!



steal some of Harry's zzz's!!

good night and sleep tight!
it'll soon be chilly and falllike!


Cheryl said...

I'm so sore and worn out from swimming today, but somehow I always sleep poorly after that. Seems backwards!

Great news about Harry. You both take care of yourselves!

Smocha said...

that picture is pretty cool.

sounds like another fun day with the kiddos:)

happyone said...

Glad to hear Harry is in good health.
Love the picture - really cool!!

Tee said...

OMG, I haven't thought about the purple people eater in years. How old are we, anyway?

Love the good report for Harry. Don't you hate it when he's sleeping and you are awake most of the night. It drives me crazy when Hubby is over there snoring and I'm counting sheep.

SOUL: said...

i think i saw four tigers in the pic.
very cool.

i could just play out the computer scene in my head--
and you singin that song.. :))
even better-- cuz now i know what your voice sounds like.

happy that harry got a good dr report--- but i say spike his bedtime milk with some caffeine, so he can see how awful it is to be layin awake while the other is asleep in under five minutes.
(not really)

my hubby is like that too tho-- he can be asleep two and a half minutes after his head hits the pillow-- i'm always jealous .

happy tuesday

ps-- dontchya love the dog pic on my page-- i saw that and was like-- THAT'S ME!!

jAMiE said...

Very good to hear about Harry..keep him, yes keep him!

desert dirt diva said...

god i love that picture.....i want one.......