Friday, August 15, 2008

The Ending of a Good Day

Today started as a not-so-user-friendly day but ended very good. James was with us from around noon until just after 5 PM. That child is no trouble at all. He's happy to amuse himself, never gets into things he shouldn't, and is seldom without a smile on his face.

This afternoon I was happy to receive a phone call telling me that the loveseat I sent to be recovered was complete and ready to deliver. That was surely a welcome call. Below is a picture of the finished product. It isn't set in place yet - it's hanging off the edge of the rug but I'll adjust the rug when I clean it.

The picture over the loveseat is a picture that always hung in my office when I worked. It's a picture of a tiger but if you look for them there are 25 tigers to be found in the large drawing. I bought this rug when the boys were just babies. It's used as roadways, parking lots, and race tracks for matchbox cars. Maybe Baby Hooper will use it this way, too. Just a bit of trivia.

I sent two club chairs to be covered in a companion fabric to the loveseat. It will take a while to get them back because I wanted fabric that has to be ordered.

Tomorrow Harry and I are going to a little town in Tennessee. Ooltewah. Bet you never heard of it. It's the small little country town where I spent many childhood years. Located between Chattanooga and Cleveland Tennessee just off I-75 - if you blink you'll miss it. We're going to a coral frag swap and sale. Maybe we'll find a new colorful coral that isn't already in our (Harry's) collection. (It will be a 3.5 hour drive each way and a long day of meet and greet other reefers.)

I'll close with saying that I spoke with one of the ladies I consider a friend this evening. It was wonderful to hear her voice. I think she was surprised by my thick southern accent. I have to say that it was the high point of my day.


AlabamaGal said...

Your loveseat is beautiful! I like the color and the picture is very nice. That is a cute story of how the children enjoy the rug with their cars.
Tennessee is such a pretty place. I hope you enjoy your visit there.

SOUL: said...

you sound really good in this post :))

ya reckon if i recover my cat shredded couch i might feel better too??? :))

yours really does look nice.
i love the rug too-- hell, even i would have fun playin cars on that thing.

coral frag-- that just sounds funny to me--
but i gotta say-- to this day i'm guaranteed a chuckle , every time you say REEFER .. that's just too funny.
(yes i know-- not that kind of reefer-- but it still is funny...comin from you)

anyhow-- i'm tiahd and lazy , gonna do some cruisin, and go ta bed.

have a happy weekend , be careful on y'alls trip--

simonsays said...

That loveseat is gorgeous! I also love the Lion pic, will you take a closer photo and post it?

I like the idea of your babies using your rug for such fun, its very similar to one I just bought, so maybe one day...

Have a good time "reefing"

Hugs, my really good friend.


Summer said...

The love seat turned out perfect. Is it as comfortable as it looks?

Everytime you say reefer, I think of Jimmy Buffet and his coral reefer band!

Smocha said...

I love what I can see of your decor!
Love the rug, the love seat AND the picture. More ! More!

Before I "met " you I never knew there was coral groups. Funny how interesting it is to see a little of other peoples lives.

Take lots of pics on your trip!

Us nosy bodies want to see :)

jAMiE said...

I too love the loveseat...looks cozy!

Hope you have an enjoyable trip, look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Take care,

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you're pleased with the loveseat. You'll enjoy it for many years to come. And your multi-tasking rug? Loved that story.

Have a good day tomorrow with the reefers.

desert dirt diva said...

what is a coral group???seems everyone knows but me! i think of coral,and the the love seat..and would love to find all the tigers in your pic..

Mary said...

Everyone, Thanks for the kind comments re the loveseat. I wish I'd taken a before pic - duh! - I just didn't think.

What is a coral group? Well it's a group of folks who have live coral (the kind that's in the ocean) in large aquariums. The coral grows and, in time, needs to be pruned (much like shrubs) to keep it from getting too big for the tanks. The little pieces that are cut/broken away are called "frags" and will grow into a large live coral (if given the proper environment). A frag swap/sale is a gathering of reef keepers who meet to swap frags with other reef keepers and/or sale frags to people who are just starting out in the hobby. The intent is to supply tank raised coral and lessen the stress on wild reefs caused by collectors. The picture in my header is a picture of the 225 gal live reef that's in our living room. We also have a 190 gal reef in the office.

That's a lot of words but it should help you understand just what the frag swaps are all about. Don't feel bad about not knowing. If it weren't Harry's hobby, I wouldn't know either.

happyone said...

Your loveseat looks very nice and very comfortable!
The tiger picture sounds really cool.