Tuesday, March 30, 2010

. . And That's When the Fight Started

My choice for today is to either blog or work on my blog format. No mystery as to my choice.

A few days ago I made the command decision to spread the last of the winter black oil sunflower seeds on the ground outside the window. My idea was to clean up the winter seeds and watch the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks clean them up. They have been having a feast with no bickering. Everyone ate together in peace. The seeds are almost gone - only an occasional one can be found. This morning the squirrel with the white spot on its ear was searching for 'left-overs' when another squirrel slipped up and began hunting seeds, too. That's when the fight began. I didn't know that those varmints are vicious. They ran through the trees, shrubs, onto the shed roof, and all over the yard. White Spot won the battle, the war, and the spoils of war. Doesn't take much to entertain me.

That's the high point of my day. Now on to today's cooking adventure. It's hamburger and the trimmings at Old Fart's House this evening. Tonight is "Lost" night and I want all my chores done before it starts. Last night was "Saving Grace" night. Both these shows are in their last season. When they are over I hope I don't get hooked on whatever follows.

Hope everyone is well and happy today.


SOUL said...

sounds like an entertaining day in old fart land :))

it's been a bit adventurous here too-- if ya call bein butchered by a sadistic manicurist adventurous.

happy tuesday

Smocha said...

I love Saving Grace. I would have loved to see the squirrel fight too :)
Oh and I'll take cheese on my burger please.

Cheryl said...

I love watching squirrels. They're so amusing and so pesky. And I love LOST. I've recorded all the episodes. Marathon session coming up one of these days.

Tee said...

I was amazed last week when a chipmunk ran over the back of a squirrel eating the seeds. It cracked me up.

Unfortunately, I'm hooked on a couple of programs--The Office being one.